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In Hoboken adjusting means doing things strictly online they can do in their homes that we were also able to keep on paying our coaches that way Dave conveyed co owns the gym with his wife Cher he says during these uncertain times the community has stepped up to help keep his business afloat it's been an overwhelming outpour of support I cannot you know thank them enough that it you know it if I wasn't anymore still gonna him I'd probably be in two years he says despite the support if things remain as is they will need some sort of local state or federal assistance in order to make it to the summer you know booking Kevin Rincon WCBS newsradio eight eighty and on Long Island suggestions for those of us having to make do without those businesses open for now for your everyday mental health especially if you're trying to home school or work from home when you hardly ever do Nassau County executive Laura Curran suggests if you exercise if your gym is closed go for a run go do some push ups and sit ups home to one of our beautiful parks we have record golf attendance it's the best place to practice social distancing and she says to stay on a routine that's important for mental health and for those who need treatments for people who are dealing with depression who are dealing with addiction they can go to a very dark places right now Alcoholics Anonymous in any meetings are postponed support networks might be cut off and but there are virtual options so be all WCBS newsradio eight eighty or the Federal Deposit insurance corporation is warning us all bank scammers connected to the outbreak one scam is a claim banks are limiting access to customers money the FDIC says there's been an uptick in calls text messages letters and emails from scammers pretending to be FDIC employees using names of people actually work at the FDIC they say there are security issues with bank deposits the FDIC says they're out to get bank accounts and other personal information no depositor has lost money since the FDIC was created in nineteen thirty three because of the corona virus many banks have shortened branch hours or are pushing customers to use online banking I'm at Donahue it's one twenty three here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke though cherries named first all the flavors tastes just as great I mean it could have just as easily been vanilla cherry coke or it could have been coke cherry vanilla and since it's too amazing flavors of coke it might have been cold vanilla cherry coke or cherry vanilla coke coke unless you're in France which would make it a cocktail of an Iowa Democrat a Democrat.

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