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And it's it's a shame the rest of the team hasn't lived up to its billing yet but one thing that nick really gets into is how much he wants to win for the city. He's playing for. He talked about one thing. You know those detroit teams before he got there. Were great writing. Made the world series in twenty twelve He said the one thing that stuck with me is that they didn't finish the job. I was like nick. They were really close he goes. Yeah but that doesn't matter. He goes chris. I grew up in the miami area. And all i remember is ninety seven and two thousand and three and what it meant to the community down there. He's like that's what i want to bring back to cincinnati. It has been a long time. It's a good people. Queen city have enjoyed something like that. He's like that is why i'm busting my butt every day. It's why i was so pissed off when i got suspended. It wasn't because oh my god. They're taking ten grand out of my pocket. It's because i wanted to play one hundred sixty two games so that we could be the best we could be like. I had the good fortune of interviewing this guy. Maybe a year after he got into the big leagues and then just interviewing him two days ago. He's totally different person. I'm he's still has a lot of the same traits as competence. Someone call it arrogance. Which i think is actually a good thing to have in your pro athlete. But his ability evaluate himself and his purpose in this game and how great he wants to be pretty impressive where he is. You know you go back to the incident against the cardinals and were biased. I thought it was stupid that he got suspended for two games. Got which are all right fine but to get suspended was was silly but when he yelled at jake woodford that was its reds cardinals. Cincinnati has been saint. Louis whipping boy way too long. We fancy ourselves as rivals you know. Let's face it. They typically get the better. And of of the reds. That was that was cathartic like that was that was a yell for a lot of people who have have gotten tired of the reds being kicked around by that team and the moment that happened. I mean you you could just feel it. You could see it. You could sense it. He was instantly into the pantheon fan favorites and then he backs it up with the season that he's having which i don't know that the statistical totals will keep up but he's put himself in the mvp conversation despite playing for a team that's been spinning..

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