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Scene. She she wears a product of the CNS companies. QR maintain excellence. Well now tell me how did you am. Buckshot get started. How did you form the relationship? Well that's a very good question. We certainly didn't come from the same economic background. But I will say this the best I can figure. Is that billy cajones. His Dad was just flat out awesome. How respected his story so much because he hosted a dinner in Atlanta for several media members two two or three years in a row and it was just something to hear him tale? How hit basically built this very successful business after having started out literally as a ditch digger so he was a self made man and so are respected billy and then to interview Buckshot? There's no filter when it comes to bucks so anytime I sat down and talked to Buckshot and you knew there was gonna be good copy and then we started joking around and talking and and everything so and again I mean it wasn't like we hung out at each other's houses or anything like that but at the race track we had it pretty good working relationship. I've had a couple of relationship. I suspect I don't know how you feel. And then the two thousand Major League all-star Baseball game was held in Atlanta. And I went to billy and I asked asked him if he could possibly swing a couple of tickets for myself and my son who was a big baseball fan and it was kind of late notice. It was the day before the ball game not the best time and he did swing a couple of tickets and they were literally one row from the very top of the stadium. We were technically inside the stadium. So that was pretty cool Steve. I'll be honest with you. I don't know how appropriate it was but when we went by Billy's office to pick up the tickets he reached in his wallet and he gave my son who was eleven in years old at the time gave him one hundred dollars to spend at the ball game. Wow when he gave Richard that money Richard his eyes were as big around as Hubcap so that was pretty recall. That was pretty cool. So and then of course we've talked about the good times and the jokes that Buckshot dot com played on each other. So I I it was good times. It was good good times talking with Buckshot after racetrack. Nineteen ninety-six he won his first race at Milwaukee and not only does he win at Milwaukee in Wisconsin Johnson. He Beats Dick trickle to do it. That is doing something that is doing something because Dick trickle. There's no telling how many laps he had turned it that racetrack track or how many raises is one. Well I thought it was kind of funny because he had mentioned in this interview. He said that they were under caution. In buckshot was behind him and he couldn't believe he's is something came out of the window Dick's car he radioed his crew. And he said Guys I. I'm not sure but I think Dick. Nick is just on a cigarette out the window. I'm not a and that's exactly what happened and then with a couple of laps to go. Dick Dick trickle spun off. Turn forward wasn't any kind of contact or anything like that from Buckshot. Blame you just got in there kind of hot. And then he's trying to get turned around around and Steve Nascar did not throw a caution and he's backing up on the right track. He's pulling forward. He's almost in traffic. And then here comes Mike McLaughlin one after bucks and Buckshot at that point had a pretty healthy cushion overnight so he started to take it really easy and he just about gave away coming off. Turn four on the last lap to the checkered flag. I don't know that bucks beating by more than a few inches. Well the point point is he won the race and that was great. And I remember that. Darlene Patterson you remember this yeah. Darlene Patterson was kind of helping that team out kind of getting started and everything and and after he won at Milwaukee she brought Buckshot to introduce him to me and I guess that's how we met. Yeah so I'll tell you what Cigarette flying out of the car now with of course that is no surprise but a driver. Smoking in the car is unusual but his has happened as a matter of fact it's unusual but it's not unprecedented. Oh by any made. And as a matter of fact for all the years that David Pearson drove for the wood brothers yeah he was always seeing after a race on the cool down lap with a cigarette in his. Now have a dacre honor. They put a cigarette lighter in his car. David Pearson raced with the cigarette lighter winds at Milwaukee in nineteen ninety six and then in in nineteen ninety seven. I had talked to Randy letroy about the brush ups that he had with bucks hot so of course I had to get both sides perspective. You've and again found out something that I did not know not only did Randy and buckshot get together at Talladega. Nineteen ninety seven which kind on a triggered their feud. Their teams stayed at the same hotel that weekend. Oh my gosh. And let's just say they. Evidently gently had themselves a final time. Let's just say that bottle rockets were bottle. Rockets were involved and then when Buckshot came out of his hotel room to his car all four tires stolen off his car. Now he did not name Randy joys team as the culprit. He named Elton Sawyer or read it as the culprit. Now Ellen saw your here is a big NASCAR executive now. He's a straight laced buttoned of guy really and he steals the hubcaps off of. Somebody's car. No he doesn't steal the hubcaps. He steals the whole tire off the car. I'll tell you what what went on at that hotel. Not exactly the same thing having cool bears around the Pool uh-huh and then whatever happens with them. During the race happened Randy said that he punched Buckshot in the NASCAR Holler buckshot insisted in no uncertain terms that it did not happen. No way no how. I don't know that I wanNA take sides on that but I will say this like like I said when we talked about it in the Radio Ajoy interview. I just can't imagine randy not getting fined. Well you did look renders does your head's historic buckshot. Has His story. I find it Kinda hard to believe that Randy get away with a punch in the NASCAR Holler in front of NASCAR fail. That's kind of difficult for me to believe. Later that same year we go to Bristol and Buckshot and again our are in his hollered before the rice and we just talked we just shooting the breeze. You know I'm trying to stay cool and everything and so we talked for probably forty five minutes and during in that discussion I made the comment that if buckshot got fined again that he would say the same amount of money and Buckshot said. Okay yeah sure okay okay. And and that night he and Randy got into their scrape and bugs that was fined. Five thousand dollars so I want my money as you as you know. I didn't think no he has not paid me my money. So I will say this. Speaking of Bristol and my discussion with Buckshot is probably one one of the funnier things that happened between Buckshot. Not so as I'm coming out of the lounge transporter coming down the steps. I see buck shots. Pr Person Ersan Nicole Allen. She's standing there minding her own business. Just as as could be and I turned around to Buckshot. Narcan whisper said just follow me so so I start yelling at Buckshot. I will print anything I won't to about you. You said it. You can't take it back. So I'm going to write it. Buckshot just grin and he. He knew immediately what I was going to do. And he said give me your recorder. I'm GonNa take that tape smashing all the hell and so wait. Tore loose on each other and Nicole. Oh she came running back to the back of the transporter where we were standing and tried to get between us. Her eyes of of a her eyes were about to pop our as she goes bucks. What did you say it goes? It doesn't matter what I said. He can't printing dog. And all that. So that was pretty doggone funded. A dirty trick was just harmless fun and they did get into it at Talladega. They got into it Bristol. And then the following year they got into it at Nazareth breath and evidently NASCAR sat down with at least buckshot and said that if anything happened between the two of them again they would be parked and I think to be honest with. It was probably Tom for that property. So you know. That's not the first time NASCAR drivers down and told them to behave. You know yeah. I think that kind of thing happens quite a bit. When two drivers are going after each other they do get called to the NASCAR Holler to kind of get straightened out? I kind of remember Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski. Yeah that was a big one. I think that they kind of had to step in. And Take Care of business. So and Tony Stewart just name somebody and speaking of Nazareth in nineteen ninety eight. I got one of my all time. Most colorful quotes ever from Buckshot. And like I said. He had no filter in that day he did not and this is what he said in the following issue of Winston Cup saying he said. I wish that sure as hell wouldn't happened. I don't need no shit. No feud started back between us if I was in. He Issues Hail. I'd probably be a little angry right now. The same thing's happened before war with me and him he knows. I don't want to start. No Shit I don't want to get started. Could you be yeah. So that's one of the reasons why I like talking to buck side. I got good copy from a.

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