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Hey it's Sherry from the Bobbins Cher show I thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We really really appreciate you. You're the reason that we do it. And the reason that we're able to keep doing it and I just want to mention that if you hear political advertising of any kind any campaign any erase any party adjacent to any bob and Sheri Show podcast. Please know that we did not approve that advertising we did not accept that advertising retiring we are not compensated for it in fact we have asked every streaming platform. There is to exclude our programs from all political. Oh messaging why because political messaging makes people furious. And we're trying really hard to have the Bob and Sheri show be a politics free island so please please know if you hear it. You're hearing it at our protest. We don't want it there. We're trying to have it removed. Thank you so much for your patience. Let's get back to the show and stuff you won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri odd cast on the Bob and Cherry APP store or Google play. This is one of our favorite over at times of the year. And we've always had so much fun with holidays and Christmas. We went up to the attic and found some of our favorite stuff like this so my wife. Mary decided that the tree would go up last night. And the tree is up in the attic and a back. She's headed for years ears along with these big tubs of ornaments. She's very organized with this stuff. So she said I'm going up there and all all hand this stuff down from you going in. And then we grabbed Hampton because He's getting older and she wants to be a part of of doing this so we went up there and she gave me the tree and pulling this bag. It's it's really amazing. A whole trees in there. It's not decorated of course but it's all in there then. She had to go do something she said. Would you bring down some of the other tubs. And there was that moment that moment as I was pulling the top. We're one of those pulled down ladders. Go The hamptons up getting help kid. I hope he can do nothing at this point with this. I still want him to fall down. Brackets rackets ATTLEBORO. So I'm pulling the top down and the TUB is too. It's too fat to pull down. I don't know how we got it up. You know so. It's a year ago. You forget how things actually work. Maybe I should have done it sideways Maybe I should have gotten her to help me but as I got it halfway down it stuck doc it's stuck and I was gone and I'm pulling it and I'm pulling it and then I hit my son and it was at that moment. He he said to myself you got a choice here. First word of Christmas. I work out of your mouth and stifled pulled. It just pushed the tub back. You only stifled at. Because Hampton was there probably and that's okay. Yeah and he was watching me and he. So what are we GONNA do. My said we're going to find a better way to do it son. WE'RE GONNA turn it sideways and see if it comes it can help yes. You can't help but taste fall down and crack open your head slowly pulled it down and you know what it was. It worked and I was proud because I did it the right way very often in my life not done I have not done it the right way. I've done it either way. You can way you know. Yeah and let the word fly way and I was proud of myself that I didn't I didn't do that and then I did another good thing. I had a glass of wine. You know normally I would be sitting my little reading area alone. I went downstairs and I was a part of the tree decoration I. I didn't really do the decorating. Because she likes likes to. But I was right there. I was in. Your president is present. That's right you seem to show up. Yes that's and not complain the plane because they loved women that's right that is really fifty two maybe even seventy five percent of it for women. If you're a Guy Hi if you just show up while she's doing this stuff and don't complain. That goes for shopping. That goes for all this stuff. Even going to her sister's house I will speak from experience now now not in my current life because this is not Kevin but the man complaining about Christmas. While you're decorating sweetie it comes every year this time and we're going to celebrate Christmas right. Did you really think that this year I would turn you go. You know you're right. This is a pain in the ASS. Yeah screw this cans virtues. Did you really think that was going to happen can happen. It's not instead what I'm thinking while you're sitting here complaining the plane and I'm asking the falls on the trees you know what. I'm thinking. Statistically speaking how much longer can live over one now now. I don't want that and then I was faced. You know that I'd I'd furnished our house right so I consider myself to have an eye for what looks good good. And she's picked a place to put the tree that you don't know it's difficult to get around and it's right next to The couch and everything. I don't like it and I heard over in that corner. It would have let you would really look better. And we could move around. She gave be such a look that I said I'm going to go to Porto and pick up the pizza and it's going to stay there and I took her set aside and I said let this be a lesson to you very early wherever the woman wants tree. The tree is going to be if she wants that tree in the bathroom next to the toilet. That's where it's gone it. I've never understood men who he it up. You're not you're cleaning is not GONNA change anything. You're just a big negative sack of misery. Shut up and so what up a big planing negative sack of misery. Who Statistically speaking? How much longer can you live? Stop Ruining Christmas Eh. Stopping Saka misery of big complaining. Negative Saxon is. They're not for Iraq with just just called sack of misery. It's a great rock band. Exactly misery listened honestly listened to some of these IMO records even are on the couch going. Put it up and then we have to take down again. Just GonNa put it up to dig down again shot. Oh shut up. It's up. I have I had one that I would put all the Christmas lights up on the outside of the House and she would have nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with wouldn't joining bring the tubs down all right and then when it got then when it got done and the lights came on and I was like Clark griswold out their kids look Hugo midst over here. They're running. We should have some lights on the bushes. Oh that would irk me. And that's when the holiday drinking began again. One thing about the entire woman you know you're on the Green Mile at all times right so you better get with the mayor of holiday villages plan his people eyeball. You know. There's the door out. There's the sack. The big sack of crisp was emitting completely negative. Sack miserable and stuff. If you weren't here on the show the Bob and Sheri cast on the Bob and Sheri App get it now in itunes store or Google play. What is Christmas but an excuse to pull out some of your favorite stuff that you've had forever decorate with it like this break that we absolutely love it started off and play and this is the time of the year that I always reflect back on one of my favorite parables of the holiday season and that was the year that this is like a a beautiful holiday? parable of of love and expectation the year that Todd's dad her wanted to give todd's mom late..

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