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Performance last night. So so he he gets the crowd all revved up Keat, and they're all doing really well. And then I come out, and I do my talk and talked about the book and the next person meeting nab, and we went through all that. And then afterwards. We had this book signing and everybody was hanging around at the at the book signing they weren't leaving. And I was looking I was watching us. And boy, there's there's there's you know, like a lot of people still here will Kevin was kind of holding court in the crowd. And and he was just like he met people who went to high school with. Yeah. Or girlfriends of old girlfriends somebody showed up young, well, not a young woman, but a woman came in and she had a bunch of musical trivia questions for him. She did. And she was like all right name this song. I'm going to give you some lyrics name this. And he was he was being tested at the time of his life. And after we had Kevin hung around the whole time. We were there. And after we were done we went out to a cheesecake factory. I told Kevin up hold on. Now that I remember this. I. Out to Kevin. And I'll let him tell the rest of the story how it happened here. We'll do we'll get him at six thirty five. Meanwhile, let me tell you that. Our inner circle sponsor today is the book revenge is justified by Michigan author, Tom Lawlor. We've talked about this book a lot. It's got plenty of Michigan. References a book ultimately about the little guy.

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