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Like a comrade. And so, yeah, I thought it was a really really effective seen it just. But again when I go back to Tyrian question at because it's like, yeah. You did this thing to save yourself? I can understand that. But then you immediately do something that could be conceived as treasonous in like the next twenty minutes, and even if it's all true, stick, it's still something that I it just makes me feel like Tyrian is not the same Tyrian. Like, he's not the same smart dude that he wants was manny's constantly making mistakes. Yeah. Looking at Tyrian is episode, man. I really a really a. I think this characters come a long way in a really he's one of my favorite cactus here. He's I think he's been probably the, you know, as we said we've seen him be on the strongest characters he's been also one of the most emotional characters here. He's been care to kind of captured everything with that said is a so much weight on this character that do you think that this one the character said in the the final episode gonna just gonna kill him off? My my whole thing with with tearing my miles might prediction that it would always end up here in John in some way, either with John throw in tearing by side because they've always been the constants to me kind of the entire game of thrones aren't open also deniers, but I I think the The basic. basic way shin where deniers Cooley has lost it. And maybe that will be the thing that will set John off where she's going to decide to kill execute Tyrian based on him loosing, Jamie, all this stuff. I think that's going to be the thing and gave him a warning you betray me. I'll burn you alive. The same threat the same threat to him. And so I think that would I think that's what's gonna lead to it's a it's interesting much like Santa I feel like Tyrian has gone through so much and also being George R. Martin's favorite character. I always felt like hearing was always going to be even before the season started. He's gonna make it out alive. He's he's has been through so much hell and back for him to just die off while I guess not through thirsty or Jamie. Then I don't know how he would go out or how I would wanna see him go out. So I was predicted the best for him. Although it might not be by the end of the show how hell end up living for all this. I think a big. Thing will be for a lot of these characters. Like, I think a lot of them will live, but they're all be miserable. Yeah. He'll lose everything that he thought he really truly cared about and believed in and it's like it was it's all ashes now. Might be that bittersweet ending that Joe was talking about even about this Christian. I think he's safe. And my reason being is that like I think Danny has to go now because she's evil as fuck John still does not want the throne. And I think there's a line that their seasons varies a bit. The dust this episode. There's a line in season to where he's like an an a very short man can cast a very tall shadow very long shadow some butchered it, I'm sorry. But like I I think that like he needs to stick around. I think that he is him in various where people who were really were about the realm and various has gone. He was sacrificed. I think Tyrian kind of ends up. I don't wanna say his ruling everything. But I know that that dude is in a position of power when this is all said and done. He's awesome board or something. You know? Right, right. He's the CEO. Yeah. I just think that he's gone through too much and his death hasn't been aren't either. You know, what I mean like he needs to be one of the last people standing here because he was one of the people who is most like underestimated from the beginning. Great point point. Just a you know what we're talking about. Again, you know, circle kind of back to Danny or more time. Again, her whining talk about how unloved I am. I think when like she trying to get the d you know, from John that when I won the won intimate moment..

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