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And the reality is the generals may be living very well because they're part of the kleptocratic government that Madeira runs, but at the corrupt government that he runs, but the average soldier they're suffering like the Venezuelan people are, and I think in that respect I think it is highly unlikely. Will turn their guns against their brothers and sisters. Well, let's just play a quick clip. One of our reporters talk to accompany of those lower ranked soldiers who defected to neighboring Colombia. Here's here's what they said. Solano it's been way down. So we're making you request to the US. He says to support us in logistical terms with communication with weapons. So we can realize Venezuelan freedom. They recommend saying only US appeal. Bruce, I from Brazil, Colombia Karoo who brother countries that are a games this dictatorship. They show me the WhatsApp groups plotting rebellion. They hope reach thousands of soldiers, but they also rejected any possible military intervention by US forces themselves knock it we don't want to foreign governments invading our country. He says if we need an incursion it has to be by Venezuelan soldiers who really want to free Venezuela. Unifying those military groups working towards freedom to creates a really big one that can be decisive. Senator I know you speak fluent Spanish, obviously, you could hear them in their own language, and you could hear the translation they were very very clear. No US intervention. But yes, please US military support and help and logistics. Do you think well, where do you stand on this? Because said also, you know, John Bolton national security advisor sparked a whole load of questions with that yellow no Platt, Pat and five thousand troops to Colombia. What what do, you know about what's going on in that regard? Why don't know anything specifically in that regard as it relates to any potential military movement? It would be a huge mistake. And I oppose military any form of military intervention in Venezuela. It would undermine the very effort of the democratic movement in Venezuela and the credibility of that democratic movement and the freedom of Venezuela will come through the hands of Venezuelans not through the intervention of the United States or any other nation. But I think it's critically important that the twenty or so countries, including many from the western hemisphere who have traditionally shied away from speaking about about human rights and democracy violations in their neighboring country have risen their voice in. This regard and emphatically powerful message in joined not only by their words, but hopefully fi their actions in terms of economic consequences. I think the Venezuelan people. Can restore democracy in their nation. So let's just to stay on this miniature intervention for moment. You know, President Trump himself at the very beginning of his administration raise sort of questions with various tweets about this and in response to questions about the famous Bolton notepad, again, the administration said all options are on the table. Are you concerned that there is some move afoot? Amongst that say people in the White House to potentially introduce use military force to Venezuela. Well, you know, it's interesting because that would be counter to everything else. The president's inclinations. Are he overdrawing troops from Syria at a time that that's a challenge supposedly he is prepared to announce retrial drawl troops from Afghanistan to some degree. So his predilection seems to be to move American involvement abroad away and back at home. This would be totally countered to that. Now. Whether it is a Blofeld, oh, I don't think you ever bluff with our military or whether it is just to keep all the options. Open to suggest all the options are open. But in reality, I cannot envision the United States, and I strongly would oppose the United States seeking to intervene another Tirlian Venezuela. But you could imagine US troops going to friendly countries like Colombia next door to support. Could you could that be what's afoot, potentially?.

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