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Hey listen i regret the home run i mean the mongering fame but you gotta think if i three twenty nine thirty so railway we are going to appear to be the real dino again you know we create eighty four games in so so what he what happened but uh he works are you don't even creative exciting it makes important to watch it's hannity how many of our behind his is amisi amount of rv is ready this young but yeah if i don't have the number of quantum thirty bond and when you think about it your own dimaggio hit twenty nine yet as rookieyear inquired faith in the order one nine putting in oh wow guide in in every game and we think that people don't remember now in in fairly joe dimaggio you you remember this show i played any old yankee stadium with a feel with wandering to 61 63 yep got that valley and yet this kid doesn't play there but it doesn't matter who get the one hundred yet yet yeah the literally joe de having the privilege of hanging out with the great joe dimaggio of courtesy of my dear friend dr rogge positano i would you joe would say you see the point you would point to my son joey when he would say you see where the fences are we used to have to hit it out further but you're right angry judge would still further where russ not to get two inside baseball but the swing of air and said look at the swede the maggio have food it was the swing a very judge disguised as possible it's not like this is not a criticism this is like an amazing that this is an amazing observation of this great kid aaron judge superstar this young superstar he he is shoulders are up he can the holds.

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