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I i did a little research and found out what job out there would contain the aspects. I would need to create the character. And i researched and research and i came upon the new mexico livestock board and contacted the deputy director. There had a nice long zoom conversation with him and he answered several questions. I emailed back and forth and got more information so the the new character is going to be part of that and He'll be since his previous life. What it was a new mexico state police officer. He'll be them you know Able to work with them as well too so not just stick to his district but go and do different things. So it's it's developing really well with that and i'm hoping that That would be just as good because right. Now what i've got so far i got close case files from the livestock board concerning certain things. I've mixed few of them together to form one story line and hook things together. So that's good developing bath. I think it's going to be really good character to be character people. We're gonna like it too because it's a it's different than the others and has a whole new take on on things out there just like with with arthur nikai and so forth. I've i've got contacts with the in. His police. santa fe police albuquerque police. I just got one hundred page document here from university of new mexico and their Medical investigator gator to go through because one of my characters. In arthur's books is the medical examiner investigator the f. tmi so to make that more real those those case files air to help me do that and impressed with the amount of research you do and how much crowns your stories do an awful lot. Yeah i was gonna say. I have a tendency to do a lot of research. I cells according to your website. You have total nine bucks in series in the works. Does that mean you have nine ideas. This point freer. Arthur nikai's series line books. I the first year out. So they're six possibly seven more of already titled them already outlined meals. I know where. I'm going when i get there But it's amazing. You buy knows well too when you're writing something whether he dialogue or whatever but it's definitely dialogue with me. If i start writing a conversation. I i know where i wanted to go. But then the personalities of the characters leach into the whole thing and take me to a different place..

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