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Of him Mr Biden of going to the biologist party alone Mrs Davis hello but a blank handle it just can't afford to take me with him the tickets are five dollars a copy of I had five dollars I could Mrs Davis I'd be happy to Kanye you will cause but I haven't got a quarter I spent my entire budget for this week on July hi well thanks just the same as the David no sense in worrying about it I guess new year's eve is just another night maybe that is the point and again if you need help in the kitchen can in the door is still open good morning this broke Mr then what four two it is circumstance brings medicine the steam principled available abode of a lonely faculty member you've seen your share of Charlie chan movies haven't if you could give me ms Brooks I feel so good the preliminaries and get right to the point first late Mrs Conklin is visiting her sister who has a touch of rheumatism in Philadelphia that's a bad place to get it let's dispense with the Ripper is show where they can blame her sister has sent the little boy age six to spend the holidays with my daughter and myself they would lay I've promised Harriet you can go to a new year's eve party tonight and falsely I have a dinner engagement with some old professor friends of mine from state normal days but I don't understand that the content was late date it is almost impossible to secure a babysitter miss Brooks now I understand I'm sorry Mr Cochran but I've been sitting with children for years now I'm afraid I'm going to be busy tonight today going to be until ten o'clock and I was contemplating payment of burn save.

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