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Line was slanting to the left and what a great job by rumors that just take defensive linemen where he wanted to go and the dalvin cooked saw that cut it back and got downhill so these offense of Lyman Paul they're firing off the ball. And they looked great dalvin averaging twelve yards per carry supplanted by latavius Kirk goes on a deep. Rob play action. Swing left. Padraig Robinson on the Ron. He angles, right. Then to the left hated the thirty five yard line and stopped at about the thirty three. A little quick hitting game. All Robinson of three yards alter cat. No receptions in the loss at Seattle. It'll be second in seven midway through the first quarter from US Bank stadium. Vikings seven dolphins zero as Miami defense is is featured or is highlighted by two. Very very good defensive ends of Cameron wake excuse me. Robert Quinn, while they haven't made cousins just sit in a drop back passing types situation yet. And that keeps those guys for making impact close second six empty backfield. Dick slot, right? Galvin cook wide left cousins looking right passing right? Tyler. Thirteen yard line on the sideline. He was blasted. He paid for it slow to get up, but it was a twenty yard reception. Absolutely. The longest that young man's career. And it's first and ten Vikings from the dolphins thirteen all what a great job by cousins is to read the blitz and the digs goes out to the flat on a hot. Route is Fitzpatrick puts is off the edge. And it causes just hangs in there with the patients takes the hit. But delivers it outside to Cuyler Tyler conklin. So nice decision by the quarterback cousins. This is what we're used to managing this game. So much better. Minnesota one at one in the red area offset buying cousins dealin emotion. First and ten from the dolphins thirteen Alvin cookie, spins it around the left side. Bookstore. Stacey touchdown is from fourteen yards. And it's thirteen dolphins zero Paul. This is what we talked about. You get CJ having. They're the big fullback. You're brought the ball downhill. Bobby McCain the corner from Miami his aunt block. He's one on one with Dow cook on block, and he still can't bring him down. That's how good dalvin cook. Is that's what you said. You said earlier who cares about blocking everybody up. Let your athlete get one. I wanted space and in this case Alvin cook just ran around. Bobby McCain dalvin cook is fire. Dan Bailey for the extra point tries snap spot. And the extra point is good six twenty one to go in the first quarter. Minnesota fourteen Miami's zero it's biking's football..

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