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I dislike scapegoating. The astros is the entire culprit behind it. And i don't have time for me. it's i mean it's a friendly common enemy. Everyone can agree are cheaters. they're lowlifes they should have championships band banners. Taken down boever on that because it's rodman fraud as a joke. Yes he doesn't uphold the integrity of the game. It's a shame everybody's cheating baseball just like you find one team. It means that they're all doing it. And all this stuff that's come out you know. None of it's been as much as smoking. Gun as the astros where they had a cameron centerfield banging on the trash cans like just having the videos them clearly sitting on a breaking ball and hearing the trash cans bang like. That's just so much. More damning than ryan speeder sankey heard from multiple players that this team has cameras. Or whatever. Sure maybe it's as biased as the. Let's just keep vilifying the astros and move on from the situation actually liked on pmt. Bobby valentine sake that he thinks that it wasn't even necessarily like the bank of the trash cans and that it was much deeper than that like he more looked at as like the one game went. Algebra hit the walk off and he was looked at. He was protecting like the wires right. I think he was with bobby johnson and made a lot of sense. I think it's something more like much deeper in like a higher level of technology just like bang trash. It's i think it was much more intricate than that. Yeah talk which makes it more damning. Probably some plausible deniability with these other teams. That they just have the cameras because they could use it for film. Study like yeah. They may be signs but they might not be like messaging the hitter.

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