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And 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. What was that Dave Preston? Well, the reclassification of Gruyere cheese is gonna really mess up my tailgate this full. It's got stadium with kippy and Buffy, mine. And you're gonna have to keep drinking sparkling wine rather than champagne. At least at least we still have that standard wizards, faulty Milwaukee one 17 one 11, Bradley Beal tallies, a game high, 33 points in defeat. How's the tough loss for sure? You know, we competed whole games, a few plays down the stewardship. They hurt. You know they think about you. It was even me. Grayson Allen threes over and open a little bit. Even with those who still had, I mean, we were only down one tie the game like we were still there, you know, they just made a few more plays than we did. Updates, Kyle Kuzma sat out last night's loss with niche shortis. Men's college basketball number 21 Maryland likely dropping out of the rankings after a second straight road loss this one a 65 64 defeat at Penn State. Terfs get the number 6 seat in this week's Big Ten tournament patriot league semifinals American rallies from 21 points down, but falls in overtime at Lafayette 84 76,000 advances to the CAA semifinals. James Madison slips in the sunbelt semis for more on the 5 automatic bids that have been claimed, including Drake university. You gotta love the Drake. Check out today's bracket racket. It's on the sports page at WTO P dot com. Women's hoops. Virginia tech wins the ACC tournament. Dave Preston WTO sports. Ahead metro wants to reintroduce automatically operated trains, 9 26. That's the sound of knowing you've got a free ride home guaranteed. If you like carpooling or van poor, but worry about getting stuck at the office. Relax, with

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