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That's a pizza pick for a reason. What am I threaten you to thick for a reason and the third the original Pete's pick right here on my desk. You can't tell, but that's really my bottle of Charlotte's web. Hemp oil Charlotte's web hemp boil is it's a miracle. Elixir? Basically, it's incredible. It's made from the hem of plant that they use since to remove THC THC is what gets you stoned. What gets you high? It's when you when you eat or smoke weed. That's THC CD is also happening, but CD doesn't give you that. It's not an intoxicant in that way. CD is a wonderful body and brain beneficial compound give it a Gook give it a CD. But here's the thing. Try that's web is an amazing company a moral and beautiful company. They made it for a young girl named Charlotte was having seizures. And is the only thing that helped her get well again. Oh, it's wonderful for a number of elements for me personally. I use it as an anti anxiety. I use it as a mood elevator a stress reducer. It helps me sleep. It helps me wind down at the end of the day from going to a party or if I'm if I'm traveling something that just takes the draft, but not in an intoxicating way. And then in a health increasing wellness increasing way, it's sort of hard to explain I do call it my happy jus, I give you a happy healthy plant based glow. Ships legal all fifty states. It's just because it's made from hemp. It's not illegal. There's nothing like that about it. But the best the best thing to do is try it if you're curious I like, the everyday advanced that's the strongest kind they actually have one stronger. Now, I get the everyday advanced because you can literally just take a couple of drops of it, and you will feel that just.

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