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But it kinda shocked people when I mentioned it in my presentation did breakfast esque you. Well, yes, of course, you know, because you're the book, but nobody seems realize there were seven hundred fifty black soldiers at Valley Forge now they were all freemen, many of them have been born Freeman others had been slaves on New England plantations their owners were giving compensation and these men were formed into talian, and they fought for Roche ously and the deal was if you'll fight was indoor contract for the duration of the war. We will we will free you afterwards. And Rhode Island was the first state to do this and when politicians generals from Connecticut and Massachusetts saw. How ferociously these black soldiers for they said we have to do ourselves. And this was the last time until the Korean war that black American soldiers fought side by side with white American soldiers. Yes, there were black units in World War, Two key airman, but they were segregated. This was the last integrated American army until career. That's that's great. That's a did not know that have until I read the book, we're gonna take break. For your words. More sponsors are life insurance, deeply unfunny topic because you have to think about your own death when you contemplate life insurance and most people don't like thinking about death, and they definitely don't like thinking about insurance, but actually having life insurance feels great because, you know, your loved ones taken care of if in the event, you die and getting that peace of mind doesn't need to be complicated policy. Gina's easy way to get life insurance in minutes. You can compare quotes from top insurance to find the coverage. You need at a price. You can afford from there. You can apply online and the unbiased visors at policy genius will handle all the red tape and policy jeans doesn't make life insurance easy. Whether you're shopping for disability insurance track your income homeowners. Insurance auto insurance. They can help you get covered fast been intimidated or frustrated by insurance in the past give policy genius. A try just go to policy genius dot com. To your quotes in apply in minutes. You can do the whole thing on your phone right now, unless you're driving don't do that. So good a policy genius dot com. Policy. Genius the easy way to compare in by life insurance, also by proper cloth finding address that fits is nearly impossible. Something always off the collar of the sleeves of the shirts just to billowy or too tight. Thankfully, ordering a custom fit shirt has never been easier with proper cloth. At propercloth dot com. You can easily credit customer size in seconds, just by answering. Ten simple questions. No tape measure required. First off not only can you get a custom fitted shirt, you can customize shirt. However, you want choose from over twenty caller styles. Ten customers and five hundred fabric styles from classic to business casual to completely customize your shirt and get the style. You want a team? At propercloth works. The best fabric Bruce around the world. And only by fabrics that meet their high quality expectations and each one of the shirts goes through an extensive quality control testing, the absolute best quality and craftsmanship. All proper cloth guarantees perfect fit me that if somehow you're sure doesn't fit you perfectly. When you get it. They will remake it for free. The whole process is risk free. This is the future shirts people. Go to propercloth dot com slash manliness today. Enter gift code manliness to save twenty dollars on your first shirt. Again, propercloth dot com slash manliness gift code manliness to save twenty dollars on your first custom made to measure shirt and finally, by brilliant earth. Brilliant earth is the global leader in ethically sourced, fine, jewelry, and the destination. Crane your own customer. Gauging simply go to brilliant earth dot com, pick variety of ethically sourced, diamonds gemstones, precious metals and styles. Brilliant earth masters bring the life conic designs, exceptional craftsmanship, inequality in every piece of your customer or pick from either exclusive unique jewelry designs, they've also got vintage rings. That's when you wanna do as well, as Iran's bracelets necklaces, their passionate about cultivating more stable jewelry industry above and beyond the industry. Standard by offering beyond conflict free diamonds along with fine jewelry crafted from recycled precious metals, a steady serves the hallmark of brilliant earth. So the offer free shipping returns..

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