FBI, Baltimore Police Department, Ferguson Police Department discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Now i bring this up and i've been bringing this up for almost a year to protect their tradition an institution of the federal bureau of investigation the democrats to give a damn about the fbi any more than they could give a damn about the baltimore police department or they can give a damn about the ferguson police department are they give a damn about the nypd or they give a damn about the united states military they don't give a damn about law enforcement any more than they give a damn about the military this isn't about the fbi for them this has nothing to do with the fbi as far as they're concerned now i'm gonna tell you something nobody else has told you so tomorrow all the geniuses can go on the radio and tv and tell you how they thought of it and that's pretty much been the pattern for the last ten or eleven months in this investigation as i've been breaking it down and unraveling it they just don't have the experience i have and that's okay but don't believe them why are the democrats circling the wagon why are the praetorian guard media circling the wagon what's happening i'm going to give you the answer when we return month over him twelve fifty wtma the.

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