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You don't voted kirk kirk kirk if perfectly fine sitting right there like oh take this thirty five million a year if you let me go i'm going to san francisco they'll give me seventy okay so on this isn't 2020 hindsight i said before the draft if i'm washington in san francisco another new regime there again featuring concierge cnn who who obviously coached kirk cousins the if san francisco will give me back the number to pick for kirk cousins i think they might have done it before the draft but if they would have this is just me i'm on the record just remember i said this on taking deshaun watson if i'm wash and i'm going to start over to sean with the number to overall pick in i'm gonna rebuild around to sean because i like the shaun's leadership intangibles more than kirk cousins to me i said this a thousand times on the show he's in a little bit of an under confident over achiever what was the third fourth round pick fourthround pick young fourth in and again mike loved in i don't love loving because all i know as a dallas cowboy fan is i'm gonna say it again my cowboys he he's one in four against the cowboys with three home losses to their archrival and that's why washington it feels damned if we do damned if we don't they can't make a decision because they don't love them but that they don't have an option who what's our option will go draft somebody go get to shawn watson start over that's what you need to do but egyptian go the show you how much leverage the curve of has because they borrow move with the whole time the whole time they given them all of leverage when you try when you french outlook.

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