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This is twenty four seven news on komo news a michael press and a teenager was shot dead wednesday afternoon at an apartment in everett the shooting happened that the walden pond apartments on twelve th avenue west the suspect fled and police launched a search according to authorities the victim identified as a male juvenile was taken to an area hospital in serious condition he died at the hospital police have made a second arrest in connection to a deadly shooting in west seattle last month the young man was gunned down outside his west seattle home his ex girlfriend was arrested the next day for allegedly luring the victim into the shooting than leaving him to die yesterday police wrestler nineteen year old man in auburn and are now questioning him the federal government is open washington cleared bhagwad of untested rape kits goal jeff pohjola has the story the state has received free million dollars federal grant to test the kits and gather evidence for sexual assault investigations the state attorney general's office will lead the project many jurisdictions lacked the resources to test these kids and an informal survey found the state has roughly six thousand of them backlog leaving many investigations stalled the threeyear grant expires and 2020 jeff pohjola komo news another bikini barista stand has been hit by robbers this time in kent almost christon drew says the victim them thinks this one might be connected to a series of other robberies in recent weeks later cars pulled up to the hottie shots copies stand monday morning the burri said got a gut feeling something wasn't right hey all the way ankara water speaking i found the baristas says she told him bottled water was two dollars and he said it was too much the next thing she remembers a woman covered head to toe under window what i got quite at any time you hear me the baristas says the woman then against the cash register and took off she assumes suspect got in the car with a man awake colored sedan we need to make a stop there allison duke says the owner of sweet cheeks into moines's kirstan was hit this summer and so we're three other locations nearby she believes as if this same suspect based on descriptions the fact that he keeps happening the fact that may feel completely helpless without the police getting involved in a we need them taken a step up and take the.

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