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Since Election Day. And in this crowd, there is a clear sense of defiance Workers in America County. We're still tabulating the last of the early ballots, which total less than 39,000 provisionals. They're going to take longer. The process includes teams of Democrats and Republicans. They're looking over ballots have any issues and they work through discrepancies together and the White House officials said yesterday quote the president will accept the results of a free and fair election. But so far Trump has refused to concede control of the U. S. Senate likely won't be decided until January, the Telly's now 48 Republicans and 48 Democrats. Race is in North Carolina and Alaska still too early to call. Even if they were won by Republicans. It wouldn't be enough. Though Republicans need 51 now toe lock a majority because the vice president of the party in the White House, which will become alone Harris serves as a tiebreaker. So that sets up a showdown in Georgia. Now we're two races are headed to a January 5th run off. Illinois reported. 12,000 confirmed a probable cases of covert 19 Saturday. Also 76 deaths positivity rate up to 10.3% Illinois's record setting Koven 19 infection numbers being mirrored by neighboring states. More from W Gs Roger. Bad ish anew daily high of more than 7000 Nuke over 19 cases have been recorded by Wisconsin. Saturday's total of 7065 confirmed infections is more than 900 cases higher than the previous record set Friday. Some day average of new cases also rose again hitting 5394, which is the highest weekly average to date. State Health Department also reported 45 more people have died, bringing the state's total to 2301 Roger. Bad ish w. G. N News, a novelty candle company in London is out with a 2020 candle. The company called Flaming Crap says it has four quintessential aromas. And here they are. Banana bread, hand sanitizer Woody musk and budget aftershave unearth the essence intended to remind you of a tiger King Joe exotic, the company's co founder, says many people have mixed feelings about this year. The first batch of the $20 candles have sold out and they're taking orders for a second patch will will be shipped before Christmas. WG and Sports Center Dame Upsets number one Clemson 47 40 in double overtime Saturday night in South Bend. Pittsburgh Steelers visit The Dallas Cowboys today in NFL football. The pregame at 2 45. Kickoff at 3 25 on 7 20 w. G. N and the Bears play the.

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