Tesla, VW, Scott discussed on CarStuff - Will California ban internal combustion-powered cars?


In less you pay a premium you can only use fifteen gallon yeah that's the case yeah that's what we're talking about is something similar to that i guess and i i guess i hope it didn't get to confused for for a lot of people but on that there was more what we are talking about but but bend goes on to say that he says he wonders if if automakers like the big three were somehow putting ardinger up wears a lucrative conspiracy men somehow putting money behind getting articles out there the highlighted the negative of the story and other positive because of course tesla did help out i mean that was a that's something oh in arguably an admirable to do i mean to flip a switch and give them you know the extra power the extra range i guess to get get a get out of there as fast as possible um but i don't i don't think there's any kind of conspiracy pen um but he says you're you're the company is squarely between you and your car argument doesn't stick either but i think it does unless you're telling me that i can i can modify my vw to my heart's content without voitey my warranty well okay now the point i guess is that we weren't saying that anything about voting warranty or any kind of hacks because right now hacks aren't really available for tesla is strictly manufacturer determined in a what kind of power up what you're getting from that battery at this point yet updates that are sent you know to tesla owners to automatically you know it's it's it's really a pretty slick system uh but you right now can't really modify you're tesla that i know of i haven't heard of any hacks that that provide more power or um you know dismal range that kind of thing right in and let us know if you have heard of one because i would be fascinated to learn about this there is another point we have to make your scott which is that in our previous conversation we had.

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