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ABC's Alex Perez in California manhunt underway for a fifteen year old accused of stabbing his mother to death two years ago law enforcement say escape from Orange County juvenile hall possible hazing incident under investigation at the university of buffalo a nineteen year old student has been hospitalized. After reportedly going into cardiac arrest the school is suspending all Greek life until further notice. You're listening to ABC news. Ever wonder white? News Radio six ten WTVN. Alison Wyant after a nine month investigation by deadline. Police a Franklin county grand jury returned to count indictment against Holly Osborne of Dublin today in connection to the death of her husband Christopher the forty-three year old. Holly Osborne has been indicted on two counts of murder with a firearm specification county jail and will be arraigned probably either next Monday or Wednesday, Franklin county prosecutor Ron O'Brien. Dr Christopher Osborne was found dead in the couple's bed in their home on July eighteenth of last year. A local woman was sentenced in a fraudulent income tax refund scheme today. Nicolette woods was sentenced to sixty days in jail has three years of supervised released, and we'll also have to pay one hundred thirty nine thousand dollars in restitution to the IRS during the twenty ten twenty fifteen tax return years, she prepared and filed false federal income tax returns for herself. As well. As for others. The Kroger bakery in Columbus shutdown. Just after the first of the year and today ABC six is Brian. Magic says the union representing the employees who lost their jobs struck a deal with the grocery store chain for these.

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