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Bay. I am Katie Pacino, a news radio wofl here today with Dan Billingsley, president of heatwave, heating, cooling and plumbing. Super excited for today. I hope everyone's having a wonderful Saturday so far. And of course, thank you for tuning in today we're going to be asking dance, um, air conditioning questions that our listeners have sent in B a Facebook. They've also called and we're going to learn how to get the most bang for our buck. Because who doesn't want the best bang for their buck? Right? We're going to get the best bang for our buck out of our air conditioning system and make sure that we hired the right kind of air conditioning service company. You're going to be So certain after the show's done that you're going to hire the right company, So, Dan, I'm going to ask you a little question. Tell the listeners a little bit about you and your company he wave So I am a third generation doing air conditioning and plumbing. Um, I started heat wave back in 2009. And since then, we've done over about 4000 installations now. We've service thousands of customers on. We specialize in residential air conditioning, service and replacement. You know, we know the climate. We know the codes on the construction. So we know what works. What doesn't that way We could get a job done right the first time. And we're locally owned and operated. So we're giving you guys we're giving our customers personalized service and accountability. We always want the job done right the first time, right? Nobody wants to call someone three or four times. That's incredible for 1000 installations. That's definitely something to be proud of. Like I mentioned we do have a few questions from listeners that have emailed us. As well as some of my own. So if you don't mind, we're just going to get started with the questions. Mary in Riverview wrote in and said Katie. We recently had a sea service and the technician told me it was time to replace my A C, but it's only been six years. Shouldn't an A C last a little longer than that, Dan? Yes, Absolutely. It should be a lot longer that if it was properly installed, you know, Unfortunately, we hear this a lot. We get called out all the time for second opinions for situations similar to this, Um A lot of times we have this found that they just needed a really good cleaning and they're backed up and running again. A lot of time. The technicians just not qualified to diagnose. Ah lot of complicated problems out there. Or those companies who actually require text to try and sell me systems on every call, regardless of what the problem is and how old equipment ISS I feel like I've been victim to that, actually like I'll call someone out to do it, and they just press and press and press for me to get in new A C. And that's the That's not always what you're looking for. No. You know, I don't care what they claim. The problem is, if your attention is less than eight years old, replacing it should never even be mentioned. Um Listen, You know anybody out there listening is in that kind of situation right now. You should really call us ASAP, and we will come out and do a second opinion for free right away. Just make sure you heard it on The radio show and I give you our office number. If you want to write this down, it's 8137105757. That's 7105757 again. It's 8137105757. Well, that's very.

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