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Today at the White House. There was a meeting in the Oval Office that has been two years in the making. It started with a phone call July 2019. My call was perfect. The president yesterday of Ukraine said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever. None whatsoever. Then newly elected Ukrainian president balloon Vladimir Zelensky was on the line with then President Donald Trump trying to secure a White House meeting. Trump used the conversation to press for dirt on a political opponent. He did not get what he wanted. He got impeached instead, so Alinsky didn't get what he wanted, either. At least not until today when he met with that political opponent, Joe Biden. NPR's Scott Detroit joins us now from the White House. Hey, Scott. Good afternoon. I'm trying to decide where to start and talk about a meeting with a whole lot of baggage. I mean, it's hard to remember given the pace of news in the past years, including an entirely separate impeachment, but Zelinsky just to refresh everyone. Had desperately wanted to meet face to face with President Trump and according to the transcript of that key July, 2019 called Trump dangled the possibility of that meeting and also a bit more vaguely US military support for Ukraine on the condition. That's Alinsky helped him dig up dirt on Hunter Biden, who had been a member of a board of Ukrainian energy company Zelinsky refused. Of course, Trump was impeached. As you said he was acquitted a lot of history. To be clear, though the White House had zero interest in addressing that history today, I tried to ask press Secretary Jen Psaki about it during today's briefing. The events.

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