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Outline for his by the framers it is quote to form a more perfect union establish justice ensure domestic tranquility provide for the common defence promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity so i know what you're thinking you say well uh getting free healthcare that would be that would benefit my general welfare the deadly june benefit my welfare that's right but the trouble is healthcare never get so expensive as when it's free so there have been many experiments in socialist healthcare throughout the world and it creates a lot of dissatisfaction we have the best healthcare system in the world in this country when all the rich people in the world want to get good healthcare they don't do it in their terrible countries they come to the united states for it because we have the best the end because we are innovators all of the other countries actually benefit from our innovation the trouble with socialized medicine to is that it dramatically decreases liberty in this country we have a second amendment to protect your life and liberty in pursuit of happiness from a tranquil government the our government actually tells you you get to keep a gun is so that you can shoot us if we start to take oil if we start to take away your guns uh socialist healthcare put your life in the hands of the government your your fairy healthcare your medicine near doctor visits your surgery is in the hands of the government that is a lot of power that not even a gun can protect against this is why am all of countries with socialist healthcare they there are a long long waits to get surgery and people die on waiting lists i went into cuba last june and i got to talk to some people in cuba and that one of the point that me and that's the big famous national hospital cubatao it's at socialist healthcare system says look everybody has access to this and they send their doctors abroad and everything were 100 percent of coverage in in cuba so okay so anybody can walk in and my pal in cuba turned to me said yeah yeah anybody can walk in there won't be any medicine but anybody can walk in and you have to bring your on toilet paper and you're on food and you sometimes euro needles and.

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