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Anyway. We'll be right back. This is the Pascal show. What's up Yo you're on? Wgn You nine. Twenty am one. Oh six point nine. Fm Real talk for Real Saint Louis well back to the Pascal. Show thank you guys so much for tuning in. We've got some other interesting information. Going on in regards to Ben Affleck Bill so Ben. Affleck revealed that his acting was so bad in one film that they had to dub over him and he was like I was like That is not my voice. That is not me. Can you guess you take wild gas at the at the movie Julie? No buffy the vampire slayer I don't even know he was in it. He wasn't a basketball player really. Yeah what was the apparently? I'm so bad and that movie I had one line. It was taken. I think I'm holding a basketball and other basketball player turns into a Werewolf or whatever I think I'd say take it man and I thought it was fine and the director seemed happy and went to the movie. Didn't get premier tickets or anything and I was like that is not my voice. That is not me. That's what you gave. He said. Apparently the director hate him. I performance so much that she looped the entire performance performance which was one line but yes. I am dubbed in English. How that's hilarious. Yeah he said some things coming up. Isn't it pretty crazy? He he's been going through a lot of stuff. Been going through some things and I mean I personally have never been dubbed over in my life so personally but I can only imagine what that feels like. You still get a full pink. I guess yeah I mean. It's your likeness onscreen through not your voice though. It's your likeness onscreen. You know so I could see that happen though. Yeah that's absolutely horrible the ADS. But that's good old Ben. I mean he's got that New Basketball coaching movie. That's GONNA be coming out soon. We talked about that a couple of weeks ago. Yeah and so you know. I think he just recalling other basketball moments rice career. And that's just a pretty funny one. That is really funny one. Yeah but there's a lot of other movies that of other actors that were really jumped over. Because they're acting was so bad or whatnot. Yeah you know like they're literally like Oh. Yeah that's that's not voice. Yeah and that's the whole movie. It's the whole movie like I went to work and they didn't use it right or it's like oh. My accent was a good enough so they bring somebody else in to do. The accent sounds close to them close enough doves and have them dub over their voice. It's crazy especially in spots because you know some of these actors I mean. Of course they're trying to put in sometimes their phone again in some days sometimes not they're not linked in as much as they are and they're supposed to play a British person in their their accents all over the place so they'll redouble their stuff most of the time. It's the actor but there are a lot of times there are sometimes. I'm sorry not a lot to sometimes where they'll bring in somebody to dub over their words right so like specially spots where they're just kind of coming off not perfect so I could see that for sure. Yeah it's Other actors that never knew or were dubbed He got any McDowell in gray stroke Tarzan You Got Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hercules in New York Some of the bond girls have been dubbed over before. Oh Yeah Eva Mendez and exit. Audrey Hepburn back my fair Lady Sam J Jones Flash Gordon Jeff East and Superman. I guess it is kind of common. It is it is obviously very very common. I mean shoot. Arnold Schwarzenegger could barely even talk seriously. Mike he was barely. Even it was super thick so like Conan Conan the barbarian for sure he could barely speak English or his accent was thick but he's still got a big accident loud and people still love it and that's another conversation in itself but it's still black. It blows my mind about the the era of Arnold Schwarzenegger of all the movies. That he's done. It's always been a situation where he's always been American but he has the thickest accent and you wonder how is that even possible? It'll be an American scientist right. And then everything goes wrong. And then all of a sudden he has to use his muscles and do some save the world you know or it's like oh he's a CIA agent but he has this at night. It's like it's so weird. Yeah and no one ever asks him in these movies. Like where are you from really like your American? Really where are you from? And where are you from? 'cause YOU DON'T SOUND AMERICAN. Yeah yeah it doesn't make any sense you know what I'm saying. There's a lot of actors that can change their voice completely. Yeah he just does not have that talent no he doesn't he doesn't need it he doesn't eat it because he's got the baht he's the body. Now he's got the body or he used to not anymore. But you know what I mean and then you know it's like how does a Cyborg have his accent you don't saying how are you to the t? One thousand or whatever the hell was how you the Terminator with this Accent Right. And then how they always being made with that accident right. You see what I'm saying what's going on in this world. How is this possible? Maybe we need more than you know. So what's the what's that all about? So it Kinda you know an hour and it's minus terrible. You know what I mean it you get to the job or he's playing junior right you know. He's a doctor. He's a scientist that's gets we keep himself no one ever asks. Where's extant from? Where are you? Are you a? You're supposed to be American. He no one cares. Same thing with John Claude. Van Damme thing about it. No one ever has. You're you're an American cop lionheart. You're an American cop but you haven't a French accent right. You know what I mean hit. It is Leila and you like you're supposed to be American. Why are where's this accident from? Man He's a wanderer right down the middle of the streets and he has an accent. It's the same different Trim plane role in an accurate being in a role. Bright people go there to see Arnold in this role exact. They don't expect for him to change his whole persona right. They're not expecting him to be mind blowing right with his acting. They're expecting to see him. Be The physical monstrous powerhouse. Genetic Freak that he is other than that they're they're there to see a freak show basically. They're not there to go a while. His acting was really good. I didn't even realize he was. I didn't even know he was from. You know what I mean. I mean the muscles well. That was a really good southern accent. You know you don't like Oh. Wow He really pulled that off all the he should come out with the movie where he tries to do. I would kill to see that like a straight southern accent. I'm dead serious. I would kill to see that I would kill the same thing with Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Because this is the same thing in a way or Kevin Hart Kevin Hart. That'd be good ones. Had his own little choice that he does whatever it was like. Oh Yeah Yeah Dwayne the Rock Johnson is like. Can you smell what the Rock is? Good let me tell you something. A little further into him all the time every movie. But you don't ever see him play outside of that picked that part right. He's always this weird. You know what I'm saying is always the Rock Kevin Harlan. Hey that thing I would just love to see him like. I think it's only British people that can do other accents. Apparently that's okay. You have to be British because people are like Dang British right. I had no idea. Yeah because then you're sitting there like Daniel Qaluwa. You know what I mean. He came in an interview after. Get Out Right. So he's in. He's in that interview and everyone's like you know what I mean is. My name's Daniel clue one. I got the port and it just didn't know what to think of because I was really fully was absolutely smashing. Everyone's script raw peas with really you know what I mean. And it's like Dang man like but seems like only British actors can get away with being everything else except for themselves right so crazy man or Australians. That's true Margot Robie. Mago she can do. She can get away with anything because she's Australian. Hugh Jackman Yeah you know I might. You know what I mean. And it's all fine totally fine totally fine but other than that. You're a little Austrian in there. This is the world living you know what I mean. There's the world we live in not not. You're not gonNA ever see other people going out there being like all right. I WANNA see Arnold Schwarzenegger play a church. Well he could do a German French French accent. You know what I mean. Very soft and flow. We can't do it. Yeah there's voices too hard it works. It works Germany. You know what I mean. Can you picture that come out of his mouth with that with that tone Lube your you know what I mean. He'd be heavy smoker French. Oh Yeah you know and anyway. We're moving We gotta go into a quick commercial break when we come back. We're sitting down with. Mikey knows but his. We'll be right back. This is the Pascal show by A. We're keeping it real all day on nine twenty. Am and one. Oh six point nine FM. This is real talk. Wgn You yes. Welcome back to the past. Gal Show yes. He got so much for tuning in. You know what I mean. It really means a lot so you guys know we do have a podcast so everything that you're listening to right now. If you're going man I really miss pass. Cows voice nothing other than that you don't you don't have to worry about any other thing except justice amazing voice that you listen to on a daily and use maybe want to spread the word and share some of the some of the moments that we share some of the laughs some of the tiers. So what I'm saying. 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