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I watched last blasio i watch a couple of baseball games on there and it looked phenomenal at seven twenty 60 looked unbelievable but of i mean just just the movement was perfect wsb network it's still not their dstld using the old technology but i watch rustling on youtube tv and i have to tell you that in the network quality ripe way better than if network quality items shutter it the other thing i am this is not gonna be super useful for anybody but one of the services i don't remember was john direct tv now or sling tv if you wanted to add hbo to it and cinemax and smother services right normally those things are really expensive like fifteen bucks for big one liked that hbo or ten dollars to cinemax something like that um i don't remember which one it was but one of them offered those uh chelsea for five dollars a month flake that's nephew interesting yet i mean that's interesting in its own right right there anyway so here's where it gets skiers worst gets on high when he talked by cutting the court um we gotten used to being in this goes let's let's talk about microsoft right people bought outlook for many many many years have gone by outlook in you abuse at outlook for months for years essentially now it's a subscription be service and there's really no version uses constant getting the update as he release them so does metaph is out with twenty tanner 2016 whatever it is it if as long as you keep paying the monthly you're going to get the latest version we become a sue our minds of kind of change to subscribing to the belief of paying monthly and getting the latest in greatest with cable that is already existed but we're cutting cable to reduce costs but if you really do the math right i'm paying forty bucks a month for hulu tv plus i'm paying another ten dollars for who service i'm up the fifty bucks then i got netflix set another ten dollars summit sixty dollars i got you know if i like a baseball and paying another ten dollars for baseball filing rushing another tender.

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