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Tracy Taylor. So anyways, that's huddle starts Mike. It's you know, I'm glad I can take twenty thank you. I appreciate it. It is. It's a it's a big step. So are we really getting their lunch handed to us in the trade war with China, a, you will not hear elsewhere? What our guests coming up has to say he's a China expert, he's even a professor. He says it maybe we should be really happy with the president's approach to trade, it will get to that next. So why did my give my husband tips on picking up women? It was solid advice. I'll admit that. A text the word clips. E L I P to nine eight nine seven three and we're going to send you a link to the candy, Mike and Todd clip of the day was very good advice. It's gonna make your life, a lot more interesting. Okay. Yes, I am part of all this, Jeff Bezos. Speaking of. Such things shift Basil's published a short video about his father, Mike basis came from the US is a Cuba, a refugee from Cuba when he was sixteen years old. So this is basically talking about his dad, and it's you listen to this ask yourself a question. Why is Jeff Bezos doing this? You could only take three of everything three shirts three pants three underwear one pair of shoes. That sounds less like bazo sin someone else, but Mike basil spend a few weeks in a refugee camp in Florida he was sent to Delaware any rolled in high school. He learned to speak English quickly, but he had this thick accent. My mom's name is Jackie.

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