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The chicks on the right show where the chicks I Mok. I am Dacey Hello, Producer of Candle. Also hear member When that big tell, all came out by Mary Trump the president's niece. I do remember arranged me so I'd remember. Well, there's more. There's eso. Apparently, she has just released 15 hours of secretly recorded conversations with President Trump's older sister. The judge, the retired federal judge, Maryanne Trump, Barry. And this is rather incredible because it sounds like Mary and Trump is not a fan of her brothers. Apparently, the audio recordings show that he she has some things to say about him being phony that he is cruel. That all he wants to do is appeal to his base, and he has no principles. What else did she say that he? She complained about the tweets. She says that he lies. There's a lot of Accusations that she makes against her brother. Okay, So merry is the daughter of Mary? You know, she's the daughter of Ah, different brother. Okay, So Marianne is her aunt, then? Right? Okay. And what's amazing facing the No one's talking about the fact that the most amazing part about this story is that this is a person who secretly recorded her aunt in order to get Dura for a book that she was writing against her uncle. Actually, that I thought about that, too. It's it's not. I would hope that people would think that This is Yeah. So this is a family member who's like Yeah, Dude is the worst. She's on the down low, like audio taping people. I mean, what this is really sick, beheads gross. It's gross, and she's a psychologist or psychiatrist. Is she that? I think she's a clinical psychologist. She's a clinical psychologist. Yeah, well, what can we diagnose her way? Well, I mean, she's very troubled. There's no question that thing she is clearly troubled because and you know now, I suppose we're goingto have to await Teo get a response from the sister because I would think she would be enraged at being secretly recorded first of all, but now there's going to be obviously, if there wasn't already there's gonna be a giant rift between her and President Trump. Because these are some really vicious comments. The may add their pretty bad. So if you read it, because there's cursing and also your stuff. We can't stay on the air. Now. The White House's excusing it by saying this, you know, this is just a regular. This is like normal family drama. This is normal sibling rivalry. This is nothing new. Whatever they're, they're brushing off, and maybe that's the right approach. But I mean the niece Maryanne Trump is I'm sorry. Mary Trump is really She's just a giant troublemaker. Yeah, she's awful. She's really, really awful. She's a miserable human being. She's miserable. I wonder. Does anybody in the family like her Because I'm going to go with? No, I'm going to go right there with you. I'm going to go into that No room because I feel like nobody does An, um All right. So now there are new plagiarism accusations against Joe Biden, so he apparently really, really likes relying on words that he or other people have said in the past, And so now Canadian media is saying that some of the things that he said in the DNC last week were uncannily similar to words spoken by Jack Layton, who is the leader of Canada's left wing New Democratic Party, who apparently wrote The letter back in 2011 when he was dying, actually saying, and I quote my friends love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair, which is very, very, very similar to what Biden said during the DNC. So what s so maybe he thought if I looked to Canada, but it was a A won't notice. You know this is it. It's over. It's over there. Over there. Kid plays a so they won't notice and people notice and can't At least they notice in Canada are media is not going to pick up on it because they need to care about the fact that he plagiarized in 1987, right. You know, it doesn't matter. He dropped out in 87 for plagiarism. He's just ridiculous is it's completely ridiculous. Absolutely great. So, yeah. So now the plagiarism accusations are coming back to haunt him in a brand new way. I know that. And you know that I have been rather pessimistic. Yeah, this election. You've got your pessimism, pants. I dio. They are not plaid or Paisley. They're not. They're polka dotted. Cause that's so your style. I mean, if it's not, it's right. If it's not gingham, y'all, it's going to be polka dots for her. I know her. I do have my polka dot pessimism pants on when it comes to the election because of all the stupid people. There are so many. I know there's a lot of dumpy. We see them. So I have to say it was really encouraging to find out that new Gingrich not only thinks that Trump is gonna win, but he thinks it's going to be a massive victory. Take a listen to him from an appearance that he made with Waters World predicted It will be a dramatically bigger victory than people currently expect. Wow, because Well, first off, you see it beginning to build now, Ugo. There's a pole just out this week in Minnesota that shows him tied up with biting in Washington state in the primaries and Republicans came roaring back. Everywhere except Seattle and have done dramatically better than they did in 18. In special elections. We've been doing very, very well. And I think I just talked to a neighbor of State Assembly candidate yesterday who was running in a suburban county just outside New York City. Oh, it was a Hillary Clinton county by about 16 points. Trump's now ahead in the count, and he said, part of the violence that people are watching. You know, Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue be trashed. And they're watching games starting to come into their town and there said, You know, I don't want any more of this. So if you I mean, he sounds pretty positive. Yeah, I mean, when he says it's dramatic, it's going to be a dramatically bigger victory. Yeah, and you have a lot of people were like you. I really want this. You have all that this the upper class suburban white moms who are like I'm so for Joe and then wait until the violence hits their neighborhoods, and we'll see what they think then. Are they going to still be all for it? They still gonna be offer like the Democrats. Socialists who are not. They haven't even talked about the Van City even talked about it last week, they said Word zero. They just mentioned peaceful protests right there. Not peaceful. No, it's a complete their complete animals right now taking over these Democrats, cities that refused to lead exactly. They refused to lead anyway, so that was kind of encouraging, right. This is this is what he's saying. I don't know what this is. This is noot. It's one. I mean, is one dude but as one dude, but I thought that was, you know, least some positive. It's super positive. I liked when he said, and this wasn't part of that particular clip that we played. But one of the things that he said is we don't have to want to make stuff up. We don't have to invent some post office phony scandal. We just have to tell the truth about how radical these people are, and they are and it's likely our and that's in stark contrast to what we said. You know. Last week Democrats Or having toe lie or mischaracterized the words that come out of Trump's mouth just to make him look bad. When if if he is really that bad, they shouldn't have to make up stuff. Yeah. They could just point to whatever example they want a point and manipulate and used the media as a propaganda tool. You're absolutely right. Interesting. I'm just saying on Twitter that apparently, Jerry Seinfeld has written an op ed for the New York Times about New York City and how it's going toe..

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