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Hey friends and lovers welcome back for your reference you've got your Harry's Katie look great yeah so we've seen an et address e t up as a little girl to try to and so that's a that's the drama that's our current mayor is Jack Young and he didn't want the job he's just an air quotes didn't want the job he was adamant that he didn't once job but now he's in Iran you know who else reluctant to take over power the emperor in Star Wars he loves democracy context of what else was going on that was pretty groundbreaking but would he put up these later stories against what else is available it's just not as cool so to surmise no that's why it's called for your reference so we have an excuse to go on tangents and talk about the on track for Shit around here so we we're probably all on diagnosed late so we miss that were were the old been diagnosed with with attention deficit disorder they just caught up being battle mirror kids so we don't have a great track record with ship really we have a horrible police scandal going on now with the Task Force that's resulting in a lot of a lot of investigation a lot of arrests a lot of police officers wanted to jail were a poor city uh-huh but were a lot of great people if that makes any sense it's a lot of people that are like on the struggle boss keep shit good and I feel like I didn't see a lot of that no wire he didn't see a lot of the outside of the inner city you're planning saying like you don't get a full picture like we didn't have a Friday night out in prison canton now or a bachelor party in Federal Hill they were at the sidebar lots of the bar the day Goto the police go to leave either way actually locally it's called the sidebar in its down around the corner of the courthouse which is like a really odd place it's not a huge or cyber has been there forever and I guess in my it was mostly for like punk rock shows so it was just a little tiny place but they also let you punk band come in there and you know yeah make a racket so long as they alcohol but they tarted up like an Irish pub for the wire is is is there anything else that you felt like wasn't necessarily accurate or you know even just now you're saying you wish or didn't get of it is there anything that you wish was done differently or just wasn't in there that probably should've been in there I don't think that it was that it was wrong but I noticed there was never any filming in the winter season so if you remember the at the site where they announced that Calcutta one eddie they they remember that cool cut one him and his way for walking around the harbor right and it's like November January then really announced the election November and she goes any news it's nice out there's no there's no cold air there's breath coming out and she goes suffer smell the harbor doesn't snow in the winter it smells in the heat of the summer so that's like she said she said something like it was low rank none I just noticed that there was never any foaming in length snow or never any severe weather which makes sense because he wants the fucking phone but that was the thing that I picked up one one thing that there and there was two things there was never any mention twelve o'clock boys and I was never any ski lead you boy references I was just thinking about the twelve o'clock boys earlier because we went up to New York this this week and they had twelve o'clock from a bear yeah now if you don't for your reference reference you don't know what there's a great documentary can watch essentially it's no face no charge it's dirt bikes motorcycles anything with a with a car voter that these kids will I mean they had a place to do this like X. Game style it would be awesome but instead they just ride on the middle of a busy street through red lights up and really we're not on how like their neighborhoods were talking about like down rats street which is like the the big tourist like downtown Baltimore on a harbor tourist voice no chase so they can't do high speed chases they can't cheese these kids obviously correct for anybody but I mean we're talking hordes like in it looks organized and then the other will do wheelies never seen one of those dudes on two wheels once you there's a documentary that was out about it and one of the ladies that one the MOMS of one of the twelve o'clock boy she was a dog clinic that John You know that with the charity the other thing is we is and they raise a lot of conflict in the city there's people that are very uncomfortable by this and they don't those are the people I have a huge problem with what do you guys think squeegee boy what do you think squeegee boy is Well this is just my brain but I I was invited winning people like squishing titties like is that a service is that a service that's provided ultima like do we switch the titties are we pull up the lights on we squish cities last sweetie boys are young kids anywhere from lake seven up to Lake twenty-something fanned at Red Lights and he come out with a squeegee the Anna bottle of windex and clean your windshield you guys have squeegees there you probably coats with like like if you go to a gas station to fill up your car you're is there like a something you can clean your windows with their yeah we call it squeegees but I don't think there's an actual term for the people that do it okay we'll see I don't think there's a term for him anywhere else we have squeegee boys and here's the thing a lot of people don't live in Baltimore they come to work because this is the so we have people that moved to Pennsylvania so that they can be lower whatever property you know raids at night they still commute so Baltimore and they're very uncomfortable by these kids that WANNA cleaning you're ducking for money when they do it these kids are making four hundred dollars a day some of them like there's articles about it and for the most part there's a couple of on in particular so many times and I don't know how many times one of them shredded number in my phone and I said you know I'm old enough to be your mom I was like Nah I will not be your grandma some people are really uncomfortable by it and I just think that has a too much it's it's too much culture all at once coming at them sometimes I had deacons nigger little heart on my windshield with this weekend Marion cash around the conversation businessman like or respect the hustle but then I was like sorry I don't have any cash and they'll talk to you or whatever but some people are there's like begging for money and meeting the we shouldn't have panhandlers and like you could just be a human being late NAM good thanks it also it also portrays the fact that there's no other option in some cases right so you have like even on a biggest sense you have called Katie saying I want clean stats I wanted this done right and then as soon as he feels the pressure and he doesn't take money from the schools he has the squeeze up money out of the police budget but he still expecting crime to go down right well that goes down to ca carry just being too ambitious hey hey hey hey hey Aidan Gillen is my secret man today the money everything would have been better for the city by was just his pride getting in the way it's politics because he wanted to move up and if you if you take money you WanNa fight people say you don't exist and sometimes I wish that was the case but I'm responsible for fake opening yes actually amy amy is responsible 'cause I I always tell her to hey you know this is going on on twitter especially and you know we're having good conversations I wanna keep him onboard even though we've established he's not allowed on twitter but yes I did tell him that you invented it because with the videos I keep saying we and you're not in it so that's where it started sir amy's going to start for your reference and we're going to we're going to uncover the truth even the why they kept saying Oh yeah this is he doesn't fucking exist that's why you can't have any otake in the WII or reference time because our police answers makes so much overtime there was one recently arrested for assault and he made like two hundred thousand dollars last year with overtime please it really cops to overtime yes so though though work so much overtime that they're making the salary of late to politicians was he heard insurance not necessarily like finger quotes working but they write down that they worked they you know well if they have to do a stadium game or something like that they make so much money for working stadium game back to the stadium so I mean I'm not talking shit about the cops but mismanagement here I'm not gonNA talk shoot about ops I don't complain about not having money and having to work in the city were these people need money when he got I don't know that doesn't does that not seem a little bit ridiculous regular people I mean 'cause I think aqap salaries anywhere start it starts at like thirty five forty thousand Euros like seventy five right but they didn't tell you we're GONNA make two hundred thousand dollars a year when he started he likes at that level if that's if that's so you wanted this shouldn't have been the job for you if you wanted to actually help people you're in the job now she has that job and you don't want to help people and he'd rather just like games assistant for more money that's Kinda on you and like not cool yeah yogurt you're in the wrong place essentially if you WANNA be making money you should be someone nothing there are some jobs where yeah you can turn it in like you can go there and do a job and it's fine but there are some jobs where you have to elite care like police or you know nurses and there are some jobs like I started a spreadsheet for eight hours and listen to podcasts and that's how I get paid the but there are some red sheets goals Katie's out sorry I said you have excellent spreadsheet scales eight finding your spreadsheet Oh thank you and it skills with Zet at the ends because I've got street cred I don't I don't usually have that much detail in regards episode plans but the wire is is it just means so much to me and it's I know it sounds so wanker because you guys are from Baltimore you like who the fuck is this President Australia talking about the wise but I do like I really I love the Sherve so much and I'm so glad that we're here and we're talking about it and you guys are even giving you know so much more data l. like even what's going on now and how that connects to the show as well yeah I think that it's a testament to the rating I mean it's you know I keep going wasn't done right they would they would hurt about it right like for me I was automatically interested when I'm like oh it's a show that's being filmed here that's about it here which is a different because like how cars was filmed here and.

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