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Of the forecast. Some clearing by daybreak with areas of fog to form, a low of forty three degrees are Saturday brings fair skies. Right into the. Evening. A high of fifty six near fifty during the evening hours as for Sunday, sunshine, and increasing clouds, a high of sixty three from your severe weather station. Am nine first warning chief meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News radio. Seven hundred wwl w the radar shows rain moving eastward out of the area, but still covering parts of Hamilton, Clermont and Brown counties as well. As a few counties down in northern Kentucky. It is thirty nine degrees. Right now news is a service of progressive insurance. And Ohio congressman says rising inflation rates are having real impacts for working men and women congressman Tim Ryan a Youngstown area. Democrat says this midterm is critical for people who live paycheck to paycheck, your food's going up and your gas is going up in your healthcare costs are going up. You're not breathing a sigh of relief, you're not comfortable. And that's really where the still is. Ryan tells Fox News he would repeal eighty three percent of the task cuts made possible. In the tax cuts and jobs act of two thousand seventeen is Ryan says that goes to the top one percent in Columbus. Jared alad NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w for the third time. The Ohio parole board has recommended that Tom Nowy should not be released. The Toledo blade reports. A majority on the board has found it would be inappropriate to commute Nowy sentence saying that he still lacks remorse. No, we stole millions of dollars from Ohio workers comp funds skimming money from his investment into rare coins. He still owes over thirteen million dollars in restitution, News.

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