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Respect opinions you don't necessarily agree with them all the time unlike unlike a select few people on youtube who've made it their life's mission to tear the show part nowadays but i won't name them because i don't want to give them the clicks and ad ed revenue nice well thank you. We try our best <hes>. I think that my favorite episode you've done thus. Far is the one where you've folks cover twice upon a time. That was a good one. <hes> i give your show ten severed dutt tenth dr hans out of ten thank you aw thank you and tunes and right that if you she was flagged by jesse all right keep being amazing amazing and then as always i look forward to future discussions best regards hannah scrap p._s. I'm sorry about my long email. As time. Had i known you were sick charles. I would have shortened shortened. It didn't work if you didn't know so no big we love it. It's <hes> we we would rather be too long and we can edit it then yeah not hearing from y'all too short all right so paul texans us a lovely one photo. It's and it's about i was going to mention that at the end <hes> him and his lovely bride with a dollar between them. It's very cute. Hey charles and jesse both linen myself wanted to take the time to send then you both our heartfelt congratulations on this huge milestone of one hundred and fifty episodes we have been listening to you from the very beginning and look for every new episode that is dedication and we appreciate it. Your podcast is both entertaining and informative and the best around thank you. Thank thank you for thank you for all your hard work. It is much appreciated kind. Disregards always lots of love paw and as we said there is a lovely really picture of him and i assume his bride linda with the little between them. It's easy it's just precious and if you see that i'm holding it up to the webcam right now so so it's a little blurry but was good but <hes> but yeah very cool. Thank you paul and thank you linda for the kind fine words always appreciate that i mean we always appreciate all our people that writing the facebook or by email or just a by ah check us out on twitter <hes> we live here in the feedback <hes> and we that's why we try to incorporate in the show gets you guys involved and <hes> make you part of the show 'cause we wouldn't be doing this without you guys so i'm sure jesse with back me up on that absolutely <hes> so if you wanna the be like holy hannah paul and please do you draw this line next up everywhere s. n. g. at g mail dot com. Don't forget the that's next everywhere s._m. G g mail dot com or you reach us on twitter at stop s. m. g. warrant facebook next up everywhere the doctor who podcast uncast regular reach us on the insta- instagram at next up everywhere podcast try post the maybe some <hes> some things about about <hes> the special one hundred fiftieth episode here shortly so please check that out. We definitely appreciate it. <hes> shameless plugs gotta go around the horn on on this one but i i gotta go with my partner time jesse working in the region on the interwebs. I'm gonna keep this quick <hes> so <hes> go to an a <hes> a previous episode you can hear my long derive <hes> pitch but for now find me on twitter at jesse jackson d._f._w. Christine you can find me on twitter at sea underscore peruzzi. You can like facebook page. Christine risky and you can find amy on be hands also at christine risky. How about you. I can be found on the twitter in the instagram's rams at u._d. Next nineteen that is of course xanadu spelled backwards and then the number nineteen oh and then maybe a certain podcast hint that's true. If you want to reach me you can look at the <hes> goes to where the twin peaks podcast pages on facebook twitter and <hes> ghost. I would cast at <unk>. you know let us know what <hes> what sort of a twin peaks doctor doctor who crossover fans there on the road beside me and charles exactly right lonely here. We need more. We need more people hi john. How are you <hes> mainly through <hes> through facebook. I know you've you've put my <hes> my linkup on most of the <hes> everything and and sound their and then of course the ohio type forty still getting a lot of a lot of new likes thanks to the show. I do appreciate that and that's pretty much it from that. I worked fifty hours a week. Well we know you're kind enough to be a part of this podcast and so you know if we can get a few extra listeners. You're you know an fans. Fans your way on facebook. That's awesome glad to hear it so everybody. Everybody check out ohio top four type forty on on facebook nick. How but you my friend well for. All you fans the country music. If you're interested it goes to the fans of country music. You check us out on the whisky and cigarettes show that whiskey and cigarette correct show. Don't come. We live on both f._m. And nets and of course if you go to our website skin cigarettes show dot com you can find on facebook instagram and of course twitter so always happy to have you distanced and will be will be more than happy to check out your requests. If you're interested in country music excellent please check out x. Show nick checkout whisky and cigarettes sure nick would definitely appreciate that and of course the absolute and <hes> of course gotta do my spiel here so <hes> as for me at charles skaggs on twitter at charles skaggs on instagram facebook charles skaggs inhibited ohio <hes> of course my blogging things gothi exactly exactly deandra coffee and talk about all the stuff. We talk about here on next. Stop everywhere doctor. Who torchwood sarah jane adventures all kinds of comic book scifi news news my other podcasts doc ask for southgate media including the aforementioned goes with twin peaks. I guess the new zen or the fan zone podcasts that had do with jesse where we're currently a wrapping up a season two of krypton talking about that and we'll be back in titans tower on titan talk the titans podcast here in about a month talking titans season two if you're a big d._c. Universe fan <hes> other than that <hes>. I think that's pretty much all my bases covered <hes> <hes> but <hes> definitely appreciate it and thank you everybody for list named stop everywhere. We really appreciate it. <hes> i know i talk about that a lot but we we do <hes> we wouldn't be here without you guys and <hes> thankfully done hundred fifty these things we're gonna try and do one hundred fifty more. You're so you're consider yourselves warned officially <hes> next time next stop everywhere. I know i can put turn left on the the agenda but it looks like we're going to be doing something different for episode. One fifty one soon three low curve balls holly reminded me that we're going to be doing <hes> <hes> we're going to talk battlefield which zan may be fine interesting because hey it's got her favorite companion ace and sylvester mccoy seventh seventh doctor yeah we're going to be talking about that on episode one fifty one and next stop everywhere as the journey continues with with holly mick miller aka holly mac herself finally breaking from the email and actually recording with us for the very first time on stop everywhere. Give everybody yeah. I want to join. Charles has many nice things used to say and i want to echo them. <hes> five years ago when rob southgate reached out to me and said hey we want a doctor who who podcast to join the southgate media of family. Were were doing a family one but we want. An adult themed wants something more <hes>. Would you be interested. I did and i said yeah. Do you care if i have a co host and they said no absolutely so. My first call was the charles and said hey charles. Do you want to do a podcast with me and charles. How do you do podcast. We'll figure it out and so five yeah <hes> we have it has been absolutely absolutely a joy talking doctor who both classic and new with charles and all of you who joined us tonight. That is so oh awesome. I know you guys have stepped in <hes> to do some filling guests companions <hes> i appreciate each of you <hes> <hes> it was nice to meet up with some old friends. <hes> always love talking to john. Zan <hes> is so great great and nick <hes> we gotta get you back on settlers thing bruce and he's mine down here is yeah you know how much i love you you and lawyer two of my dearest friends and i just hope we can keep talking dr who for a long time i i i. I totally want that. <hes> jesse you brought me in this crazy podcasting so much and i got into it then i brought zanan to this crazy podcasting <hes> so <hes> we kinda oh you for that and <hes> as a way to kind of have <hes> circumvent therapy a little bit if it's free it's free therapy as we've talked about <hes> but <hes> i can't imagine doing this podcast without you and when you recently decided to step back <hes> for understandable reasons with your wife linda and everything <hes> i was thrown a little bit of a curve ball but <hes> we started to do the special guest companions thing this year and i think it's worked out pretty well. It's worked out really well. <hes> we've gotten to meet a bunch of great people. I meet john get to be nick. We got you know we had christine back. <hes> so in zan came in we talked to you know. We've got to talk the seventh doctor era which i really get to talk about here. So oh all you wonderful people. Thank you so much for being a part of this podcast about that but <hes> it means a lot and thank you so much for being a part of this special when fiftieth episode everybody out there. I hope he had fun. Listen to this. I know we talked a lot but <hes> we had fun. At least i had fun and i hope everybody buddy out. There had fun as well so thankfully the audience had as much fun as lee did recording it. I'm sure i'm sure the pause button was used. Maybe once or twice so they could go the bathroom but <hes> but <hes> you know thanks again and we do appreciate it and we'll be back for one hundred fifty one of next up everywhere. We're battlefield with holly mac gonna be joining in his thank you so much guys and we'll see you next time right here on next. Stop everywhere the doctor who podcast by reminding <music>.

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