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And don't dump me. Rush limbaugh. Talk radio six eighty WC. Yeah. This'll be a good time to Sweden in the first phone books. This is really crucial. This is not taught the stuff I told you I was taught every bit of this by the time. I finished junior high school. And probably many of you were to the way the Senate works weistein away. It is the way the house works and so forth. It scare our country cannot survive this kind of widespread ignorance, which is what this is ill. Now education young kids being lied to about this country. And what it was why it was founded and how it operates it. We can't survive. This kind of we we have this guy at NBC news. This is a tough job to get. And he's an idiot. He's an educated idiot. I know it. It's. People that don't understand how this stuff works used to not be able to get jobs like this. Here's Sean in San Diego. Sean. I'm glad you called great to have you with us. Hey, thanks so much for taking my call for a long time. And I'm real happy to finally get through here from the left crazy out here. Go. I know I know. Well, hey, I I wanted to call in regards to the so called a discrepancy in Senate vote numbers say there's there's about nine million of vote discrepancy, right? We in the total democrat Republicans in California. We only could vote for Democrats. I'm around and rough Matthaus about six point three million votes. There really shouldn't be taken into consideration of that entire total. So describe your why why wait because there weren't any Republican senators running. Well, our juggle primary here only allowed us to vote for the the two front, which were those Democrats. Oh, yeah. Like like like Feinstein, and Kevin de Leon to Democrats is the only choice they had in California. It's an excellent point. So he's a Republican. He's not yet. No prayer. How do we factor that in isn't that unfair folks, look, Sean, it's a great pleasure..

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