Red Cross, North Carolina, Virginia discussed on Sean Hannity


Forecasters now saying in their latest reading that they think hurricane Lawrence will come ashore Neil near Wilmington North Carolina as a category. Three storm just as it is now, but that doesn't mean it won't be catastrophic North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper says there coast which will start feeling the wrath of Lawrence tomorrow morning, and the entire state will be impacted or says now a category. Three storm that don't let that fool you. We are on the wrong side of this storm where most of the damage is done. Folks. Evacuating ahead of the storm often rely on the Red Cross for help and the organizations already housing a lot of hurricane refugees. ABC's? Andy Field has more the Red Cross already housing more than sixteen hundred people fleeing storms and south and North Carolina. They've opened more evacuation centers today. Red Cross officials say that as many as one. One hundred thousand residents may need a place to stay and wait out. The storm the Red Cross supplementing local school and stadium shelters with FEMA making sure they get the supplies. They need higher amounts of rain and -ticipant for Hampton roads. And governor Ralph Northam says Virginia has opened to state managed shelters today to help residents evacuating in anticipation of Florence there at Christopher Newport university, and the college of William, and Mary, and they will provide additional capacity to residents leaving areas of Virginia under mandatory evacuation orders and those coming to Virginia from other states who have nowhere else to shelter. We're keeping a close eye on the storm's potential impact in western Virginia.

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