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Your daughter. Who right now is 50 years old and space two 60 feet, 63, testified for over 7 days during the three week trial. The total damages sought from rap to space he was $40 million. Wow. Rap's lawyers accused space of lying on the stand and lacks accountability. Space he was a two time Academy Award winner who was a major star before being dropped on his TV show House of Cards. Rap is a regular on star trek discovery, a TV show, and was on the original Broadway play rent. October 2017, Spacey came out as gay. He's been bisexual, or identifies as being a gay man. That same time rapper Q Spacey of sexually assaulting him. Now, Spacey faced charges in Massachusetts that he groped the man at a bar, but those allegations were dropped. Three months ago in London, charge of sexual assault allegations against three men on 12 from O four, the 2015, all pleaded not guilty. Now, here's one thing that kind of threw me off 'cause, you know, you talk about when these actors getting some type of trouble. So a judge, a proved and arbitrator's decision toward the creators of House of Cards. $30.9 million from spacing because he violated his contract by sexual harassing crew members. Oh. But spacia has went through an appeal. So we're going to see what's up with that. Because I'm like, Dan Spacey, you want to run it like that? Your beast, man. Honestly, I hope there's no validity in this whole situation. Me neither. Unfortunately, it's like, at this point, who knows. And even if even if even if he is legally found not guilty and morally not guilty, public opinion opinion just hangs over. It's over for him. Listen, I still watch Baby Driver, possible for by the way, thinking Edgar Wright. Also boss says American Beauty. He was in all those, right? 7. The usual suspects. I never watch House of Cards. And when he got written off, it was like, it went down crap or quick. But it was one of the first Netflix original TV shows. That one was on Amazon Prime. It was originally on Netflix. It was originally on Netflix. Is it still on Netflix? Yeah. Okay. That show, Marco Polo. Oh, really? Yeah, he was on that show. Okay. Well, let's start our first song on the episode. This is DJ big skip with capella gray and mister chicken. It's called same gang, makes you go get his rookie of the year album. It is out right now. Shout out to the plug DJ shy, and we'll be right back. It's a lot going on. This a member's only section. I'm with the same ones, my day ones. No new Friends. The same game. DJ bitch

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