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The island and i was like. Well that's dumb that's crazy. Why clinton was. I don't know i've never met clint boyer. I don't think about. clint boyer. Just added dream. We have been watching the race before that she goes. He has reddish colored hair similar. He's he's older than her. And you know the big difference between me and clint boyer what he's better looking. No i'll give you that though. He has more money. Bring act has bothered me. Ever since i made the joke today. Five boy i was going to drop him like a bad habit. God won't but it really bothers me is really bothering me. And you've never been jealous jealous like that at all. It's bringing out these insecurities. No i don't know maybe reasons. We just pointed out. I mean that's better looking than me and he's wealthy. Yeah why wouldn't you be jealous. Jealous time i've never been jealous ever in my life or anything like driving me crazy. I can't hardly watch the race. Was why can't hard watch. Race lays new. I've heard he's very nice guy like she's done put him into the wall and he ain't coming back in utero the race for me watch clinton boy no more no more okay that earlier. I should have kept that to myself. Yeah hey watch the really should have kept it to. She didn't say like dusty rhodes or something. Yeah any old school wrestler on youtube that he enjoys every on now trending with riggins. Jim rawls took boy. Well we'll deal with the fallout from that. Plus what alexis his started this week. That's really thrown for.

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