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Expected as expected the former state senate president massachusetts bowing out of politics altogether this is stan rosenberg mr scandal himself his husband brian was running around the state house allegedly grabbing people extorting people shaking them down don't you know who i am i'm stance husband come over here you'll give me a little feel that's what they say was going on up at the commonwealth statehouse right up there on beacon hill stand stepped down as a leader but he was still a state senator up until yesterday following an ethics report that said stand the man knew all about it you knew what your husband was up to running around this grace you've got to go he saw the writing on the wall he's out report that was done by the senate ethics committee to be incredibly disturbing and and i called for the former senate president to step down and i'm glad that he did that's the golden boy charlie baker the governor i call from the step down now he's gone altogether mr rosenberg to say a little something on the way out political expediency and loyalty when you're talking about sexual assault and you're talking about serious crimes like this all back gets sworn up window that's your husband get up don't let the door hit on the way out harry chandler the new senate president apologizing to the body and to the people we are sorry for what you have been through you deserve better we must do better shovel dan i think you've gotta dig a little deeper this one maybe throw people in there need a spot for two very good goodbye stan dan hold off i know you wanna take the whole for chafee but i'm not 'cause he's he's one of us can't think he's he's one.

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