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You leave the government now that's peace of mind visit W. H. E. P. A. dot org to compare rates with frankly and see how much you could say wait a sort of a life insurance and more imagine how it feels to hear the words your child has cancer now imagine what it feels like to help on February twenty second over two thousand guest celebrities and chefs will gather at MGM national harbor to support kids and families facing cancer diagnoses and raise money for a care last year's event raised two point three million dollars for pediatric cancer research you can help when you visit chance for life dot net to learn more and donate today together we can give kids with cancer a real chance for life money news at twenty five and fifty five on WTOP this is a Bloomberg money after years of focusing mainly on selling new bikes to its aging and most loyal customers Harley Davidson is focusing on convincing more young people to take up the motorcycle hobby Harley ridership appears to peak at around age fifty four and there aren't enough new enthusiast to replace older riders were hanging up their leathers Harley has spent years working to retool itself for younger customers who may be more likely to buy a bike on a payment plan payments as low as one twenty nine a month owning a Harley Davidson is easier and more affordable than ever a CEO Matt Levitt itch told investors in a recent conference call but new motorcycles are on the way in twenty twenty will again raised the bar we want our first new middle weight motorcycles the Bronx Street Fighter and pan America adventure touring models Harley is also throwing some of its marketing muscle behind its electric live wire bike and even a child size electric Carly from the Bloomberg news room I'm Jeff Ballenger on WTOP coming up on WTOP the number of deaths in mainland China from the corona virus has risen again now it's eight hundred eleven that takes it over the death toll for the.

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