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So basically, you get hopefully a full sixteen item of your Seattle. But he kind of gives you a little bit of I guess a presence now that you've lost Frank Clark. We know goes to obviously Kansas City. So now you have that defensive in it you need at Pash rusher. Some I said list, a low risk high reward one year deal hopefully it works out, but they're going to be obviously working on the cheap now because of what they just paid their quarterback. Russell wilson. Do you think that Russell Wilson contract is going to slow them down to rail them because we've seen like these teams that have paid big money for these quarterbacks? Matt Stafford Matt Ryan some of these other quarterbacks, etc. Dallas Cowboys are going to do it with that Prescott. Soon. Do you think it's going to you know, we've seen kind of the end of this hawks run because they're going to be paying so much money to Russell Wilson. No. I don't think. So I think right now, you take Russell Wilson off that team there, you know, every year picking in the top ten because they're not a playoff team. Russell wilson. Makes that team every year a legitimate contender not only in the NFC west. But also a team that I just don't wanna play in the one thing I'll give John Schneider and also Pete Carroll the head coach of the Seahawks. I give them credit. They draft will and they draft. Well, Layton rounds, I know it's already been you know, kind of been documented already, but look that decay Metcalf in a session round. I mean, that's a huge pickup for them. They got wide receivers. They picked up a couple of linebackers as will remember, they don't rebuild. Everybody's always talking about rebuild rebuild rebuild allocate Seattle, and I'm they don't rebuild. They just reset. You know what I mean? They let goal. Frank clark. They Ziggy Ansah for the cheap. And look if he comes in and plays. Well, it gets ten sacks. You gotta be leap pass rusher that you feel like so to me it's never about the contract for Russell Wilson. They basically shifted from what once was the legion of boom right to now. It is Russell Wilson's shooting. Russell I got there. It was a legion of boom team. Now. It's Russell Wilson Seahawks rather than a team being led by their defense. And it's kind of like Ben Rothlisberger. He was just kinda keeper of the flame that Steelers. When he first got there during the first run Russell kind of the same way kind of evolving now to being an offense first team like so many others in the NFL. Once you got that joker card, man. Wildcard as long as you've got that one. You think hey, I'm good. We could just put pieces around it. But we got the major piece already said we talked about a Cowboys earlier in the week with Michael Irvin and here guest hosting. I wanna get your take on some of this stuff. But first we had Jerry Jones on and he talked about potentially paying Dak Prescott. The big time quarterback money. We're sold on deck. And we do won't have him for the long term. We think he's worthy of investing in for the long term. We love the way that he am wanna use the word logically progresses through a game for you see when he's got to come from behind when he kind of turns it loose a little bit. You seem make those plays all of those things Imboden may to make a deal with him that puts him here with the Cowboys for the long term. Yeah. And the Cowboys had begun contract negotiations with that Prescott and Amari Cooper. This is Stephen Jones said this yesterday. Do you think so we've been having this debate kind of on and on do you think Dak Prescott worth thirty million dollars per season? It's not about what is he worth it to me? It's about what does he mean? To that team. He keeps you stable at that position your quarterback. So is he worth thirty million in the landscape of the NFL? Maybe not. But to the Dallas Cowboys he's worth thirty million because he keeps that position stable, you're not worrying about having drab Daniel Jones, and Dwayne has plans and Kyle Murray, you've already got that chip you've already got that piece..

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