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Then anyway i was playing with the other kids or whatever and you know there's this great edgier all about like the parents circle that in every all the kids are like three and four years. Old and kids are hilarious so at every party. There's always like the one that kid that's just grabbing toys. So is this one kid was. She was just grabbing the toys. You know they don't fuck it now. They know right. It's just an aggressive personality more aggressive personality. Who doesn't know social rules yet. Right so kid. Does it a couple of times. I always got gotta ask. I get asked i right so kid. Does it again takes this little puppet away from this other kid find just said hey. Give that back okay. You can't go around taking clothes. You can't go around taking the puppet away from toys away from the kids and the kid that got papa taken away from her when i go. You shouldn't be take. Don't take toys away from other kids. Stick the other kid who got the toy. Take it away turned around and looked at me and said i know you're not talking to me. I was just like. Oh shit. I i wasn't i was on your side and then the other kid who's taking the toys was just staring daggers. At me like you don't tell me what to do. Their look like who the fuck it you tell me what to do so i tried to fuck it. Hold my stare. I looked away like three times. Because i didn't know what to do. It's like i don't want to a hostile situation with you but also kind of have to understand. You can't be doing this. You know there was a lot of shit going on at that party yesterday but it was a lot of fun and kids were awesome. But i'll tell you right now. That kid that was taken the toys to look that she was giving me that is that is an ice hockey team. Captain if i ever saw she had fucking mark messier we will win against new jersey. Look on her. Face was not appreciating a ball fat orange. man telling her what she can and can't do. I could tell you that all right. So anyway i watched marc marquez win his first race since he came back from the broken. Humor is another guy. It's funny. I actually root against him. Just because you know not gonna take a new sport and root for lewis hamilton. The guys the best driver there is so you know going to jump on the bandwagon. Like a fucking free agent. I'm not doing that. So i gotta root against these guys so i really gets marc marquez. But not in like a But mo- gp's fund because there's actually like passing in that type of stuff and it's been like real competitive. I got a few racist behind. So i am excited for that and i feel better prime with to fuck it harlem. The announced on f one. But can you give mac for step in his fucking do. Jesus christ you see just got twenty five points that you scream just as loud for a guy who got one extra point that drives for the team. That has the most fuckin- money. Oh gee he just got. A new set of tires really did he. You know any on a mercedes. Did he get the fastest lap. Holy shit who would have thunk it all right. I went to the suns game game. Three against the clippers Sort of an ugly game like the The sons only shot like forty percent for the game and but the clippers in the first half. Were not shooting much better but then they went on a run in the second. Half the place was going nuts so A really fun game to go to and you know but it was that typical nba experience. Where it just. Every time there was a stoppage of play. There was some sort of activity activity that they had. You watch and i really felt that took away from the drama. The game like we were never solidified as crowd because what happens to the crowd. Is there watching something. And they're all taking the same emotional right all right now. Everybody has a different reaction to it but overall there becomes a five in the crowd. And everybody's on the edge of their seat but like there were like these really dramatic moments. That were happening like the clippers going to pull away down two games to none. They need such an important game for them to win. And then all of a sudden you're just looking at the jumbotron watching people lip sync journey. Don't stop believing or you know find. Let's see who's the best fucking dancer. Just people make an absolute fools of themselves to get on the fucking jumbotron and then it's like fuck that really a guy like twerking silly in his kids are there. That's a dad. And i'm processing that and then you just hear horn and then all of us at a playoff game which is really weird But i will say that they do a really good job. If you're watching at home that you can't hear all the shit that's going on. But it was like i heard something. The internet describe it. It was like you were chucky cheese birthday party while there was a a playoff game going on and it's really insulting to the fans. Which is i was like well. I can't say it any better than that. Some guy on read it. Because i actually gould to see like my being brumfield man my the only guy that feels like they should tone it down a little bit. But yeah it's really. I don't know it's weird. So anyway. I saw that game and then i watched i was in a cigar bar with my wife who actually got into. The game is watching game. Four sons clippers and we actually had to go and she got so into it. She goes well. We can't leave now. I was like. Oh my god i got. It always took me twenty years. Make it a sports fan. She's hanging in a cigar bar. This is fucking great. Yeah we but we ended up having to leave because our babysitter had to go so we ended up having to get out of there. But i watched most of that game. And i was watching the first half going to like my fucking mind. Why didn't i just bet. The sun's should buried the sons. They shot forty percent. They're going to blow them out and the second. I texted that. Tha virzy sudden. The clippers closed it down to like you know actually took the lead at one point to think are tied it up and i had to leave right during that the ugliest part of the game where they there was like fourteen possessions between the two teams and nobody scored any points like there was a fucking lead on the bucket but anyway. But it's gonna talk sports today. The montreal canadians are in the finals against your tap. Tampa bay lightning. Look go back to back. The first type sets that pittsburgh it was a two thousand fifteen twenty sixty.

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