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So it means you're your blood. Goes up and scientifically I don't know, all's I knows it was like. Heart attack now, dude I had and I was like. Whoa. And I just man. I so how do you know what it was an anxiety attack? I told somebody will happen, and then they said attack. I was like, oh, come on having one of those again. That was because we took down to elephants instead of. Why do you think that's the most stressed you've ever been then? No. I mean, again, I I don't feel like it was no. I mean, no, not not even close. I mean anything brought it on. I think it was a little bit of the unknown of what's to come. Now, this is now just got interesting because a year sitting here complaining about the not complaining, but you're making a statement about the unknown now. Imagine getting on board of wouldn't ship examined across the country. That's never, there's no pictures. You don't know what this place looks like. Right. You have expectations if you've heard about Indians right. With Tomahawks. Right? That's what you've heard about. Right? Yeah, that's gotta be stressful. So that was sort of a point when we when you were on last time, it was at sort of everything was launching at one time new factory, all this stuff going on and the day after we recorded that podcast was what the day after I went home and slept that night. We recorded the podcast. Okay. Dang, I remember sitting in the factory that night in a friend of mine drove by late night and we're recording and all the lights are on in the factory and in what it was. It was just crazy. You know, the the old New England church bells in the background. Awesome. Awesome time and that kind of like got me to Reese my body only calmed down at that point. I reset and good. Never had it before. Never had a have after. Well, I'll tell you what was crazy from my perspective is when we were first thinking when we were buying the building and. So I'm kind of, you know, hey, cool. We're buying a building and we got this going on, and then I get up there and I go in the building in the buildings. It's pretty big, you know, and I'm thinking, well, this is a big pretty big building that we have and do we need. I'm thinking to myself, do we need this big of a building? I'm thinking to myself, I would do we get a little crazy with this building, and then I come back now one year later and we have two small of a building even one year. And so instead of there being four people, five people stitching at a time, everyone stitching and there's machines are filled the the shipping areas completely filled with product going out. That's a lot of that's a lot of that's that's like an exponential. How much more are you shipping day now compared to a year ago. We are shipping probably ten times as much right now and it's growing daily exponentially. Well, you know, the thing is is like just to frame this just to frame this, right? It's it's a fallout shelter. I mean, that's what we bought was a follow shelter. It was built during the Cold War. This thing is reinforced like when they brought that eight hundred power and because we had the, we had to bring three phase power in. They had to change the transformers because we were sucking all the power from the pound. So they literally in. And so I was like negotiating with power companies, central main power. And you know, I'd get them up there. I tell mar vision getting by out like because it's a company they're going to negotiate a little bit. Otherwise we'll put up solar exactly. We wait. So they they came in, they put all the new transformers on on the poll, you know, in the ran into building and then the electrical company, the electricity who were friends also of us, and they're like, okay, we got a bore through the concrete, and they barely were able to bore through that concrete have a have. What do you call it cylinder? They took two cylinders out of the wall. He was like, that was so hard because concrete gets harder as it ages, but it is the towns. The factory is the town's fallout shelter. I don't know if I've told you that when you..

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