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Actually has a question for the panel good opportunity the plug his podcast the long game new yahu news podcast which is excellent thank ios and that was coming in yeah no one of the things that senator warner said that i also thought was a little bit of wishful thinking was when he said that impeach talk of appeasement in the midterm elections where the president's allies want to go that's almost verbatim quote you have seen some republicans trying to cast it that way but i think that really minimizes the degree to which there's a lot of energy on the left and among the grassroots for talk of impeachment or at least you know getting the house back to start that process which i think is going to be a huge challenge for democrats you saw rahm emanuel get out there and try to tamp that down so just wanted to get your thoughts on how that's gonna play out i think with the state of our knowledge today i would i think that that dynamic you're talking about is correct in two thousand six if you remember when democrats stood to win control the house which they did there was there was talk among some democrats about impeachment remember the downing street memo's john conyers stood to be the chairman of the house judiciary committee which would originate articles each was talking about a lot nancy pelosi who stood to become speaker began to worry about this and i believe in october that year went on sixty minutes to say impeachment is off the table so my feeling is that with the state of the evidence that we have right now that's probably the smart democratic move on the on the other hand there could be some enormous revelation tomorrow that changes everything.

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