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And they'll help little help nurture takes the conspiracy theory right out of this you love to have freemasons in a in a in a into some kind of killing will you know and that's the origin of the phrase don't bring a rascal beater to a gunfight threat from from diplomacy had touch of false well now what's interesting also is that this idea of being guaranteed safe passage and then being set upon actually figures in the story of yawn who so is that right all the way back in in olden times yawn who's who was the uh the heretic the original right who precipitate the original defenestration ultimately was guaranteed safe passage to some kind of uh you know blood like discussion some all the kings were coming together and they were deciding whether or not the czech proto protestants we're going to have their freedom and king sigismond guaranteed safe passage and then once yawn who surived some of the other catholic king's convinced him that he was arctic and put him to see that's how they do ya its who is just a smith yossef right they give you safe passage in it's another reason never accept safe path and that's a good advice i think in general if you're offered safe passage it may be a trick right why would not be here today if you know willard richards had not escaped death at the martyrlike i'm only here because he was behind the door with a rascal beater and he always you know he he went with the mormons to utah and he always said that joe smith had prophesied that he would survive apparently smith had said the time would come that the balls would fly around him like hale and he should see his friends fall on the writing on the left but that there should not be a hole in his garment is he talking about himself or his he talking about your greatgreatgreatgreatgrandfather that is smith telling richards that you will escape a hail of bullets wow and richards account that was years before sure so so there you go he he saw his survival as a matter of prophecy i it's very interesting though once smith was out the window all of a sudden liked the gunfire stopped it wasn't like typical i think now the shooter.

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