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File a grievance at tribal casinos you. Might you know you might complain. But it might not go anywhere. Bob nurse essien. Who is a regular guest on gambling with an edge. He's a lawyer who represents a lot of advantage players. I'm not going to quote him exactly. But he basically says he won't touch tribal casino cases. Because you know there's an attorney. He knows he can't win. Those they pretty much have free range on what they do. You set the rules right. You know sovereign nation that kinda thing and what are the laws so again. The question is if you're just going for to have fun and go to the casino. There's no different. There's no difference. Yeah the only thing is if you want something major and there was some dispute about whether you really want it or not Or they thought you were counting up or are there. Those would be the difference. But if you're not getting into any of that you're a recreational gambler with a few hundred dollars. I don't think it man you know all right next up. Is ken marking dr mike. This is ken from south. Orange county. he was great. They finally a guy that hard. I'm gonna try to go out there. Maybe once or twice a month to about tables. We're really cold that day. But i'm sure we'll get some good runs in the future. I have etiquette and instant karma story for you guys. But i was in college. I went to this. Bowling alley had casino in the back. Nothing illegal straight up to had a security guard actually would check for. Id so underage people couldn't go in. I must've been going to that place way too much. 'cause one time me and my girlfriend walked with her. Id's ready he just looked at us and laughed and said your friends already inside so we went there a lot anyway. Why girlfriend was playing. Back was two dollars a hand. And there's another guy on the table. He was at first base. He looked like he was in his seventies and my girlfriend was in the middle and it was just the two of them. I was just watching and the toner. Gentlemen he's losing and losing and losing and my girlfriend has winnie and winning and winning and he gets fed up he gets up walks around us and six that their base so now. It's kind of like your hand switch. So now my girlfriend gets dump. I and he gets her cards essentially and i looked at the dealer and we both kind of you know like throwing her eyes and i thought that wasn't cool but you know he's an older guy so i'm not gonna make trouble or anything like that. So the daily and i guess comma was watching. 'cause a girlfriend kept winning and winning and winning and he kept losing and losing living to the point where he busted out and he walked away and as soon as he was out of sight dealer quit holiday and he started laughing and chuckling and he thought that was nice of him to do. And we'll pay for it so that girlfriend. That was actually playing. Well now. she's my wife. I'm married the girl who allow you to go to the casino. So i just want to give her a little shoutout. She's a great mom. Great wife and thank you for always bothering my love for gambling. Maybe one day she'll come out to meet you guys too. Well thanks for the show and you got cut off there. Yeah the jackpot there himself. Not only is. She wins windsor blackjack but he got to marry her to. Yeah and it was nice meeting you too. Can he had some good role zone. When we're on the table weapons those good..

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