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Breasts representation of what they grow to single dog. Because i've actually smoke with slough dog inches set now now said i'm not going to the performance tonight. Are you know show. I'm pretty sure crazy. You just give oh man instead of me going out on stage and just fall in my face. Our the seat on the couch and watch forensic files. Rick ross is with us. His new book is out the perfect data boss up a hustler. Guy to building your empires available right now are rick. I know you're short on time. We appreciate the time he'd be great. I have to ask you a question. I want i want you to pick nfl games. We do this every year. Where they celebrity prognosticator. There's a catch to it just a second. Okay it's too easy. Oh my god. Is he lights up ajay. but rick. Here's the deal. I feel like we've formed a friendship. Hear me you and renee okay. Yeah we we got. We got a bond. Okay and perhaps we'll get into the The marijuana business together. I hope we can maybe not. Maybe or maybe not. We'll see this mistake. You follow my passion. I wanna know. Can you pick five. Nfl games for us. But here's hatchet. If you beat. Colin cowherd who's a national radio host on fox. Okay you head okay. You have to come back next week and do this again. Is that possible. I mean your business is possibly to easy. Yes other day of. I all right here. We go the lines.

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