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Versus Man I and John and I have been very good for the A's and bags joins us, courtesy of the human guest side. How are you doing? Well, how are you? Are you recovered from the 13 inning affair the other day. Oh, my goodness, I I'm still processing it, And you know it's funny. Yes, who was texting me? The next day? Jayson Stark. He's looking at a billion things that was like I am convinced that was a Jayson Stark fever dream. That wasn't an actual baseball game because there was so much wacky stuff. I mean, just from the exchange of lineup cards first time in baseball history. An NFL team had a D h in the L team did not. You just knew that we were prime for person wackiness, and it didn't disappoint. And I think that impacted the way the game was played because show hey, you know, we thought maybe he'd go out and play the outfield after he left the game as a pitcher, and that's the most He's thrown 105 pitches, but he was dripping wet. Um, just give me your thoughts about and we've seen him on TV, obviously, but it's different when you're covering the game and watching every single pitch. What did you think before we got to the extra inning madness. It was a tight Todd pitching, uh, affair between two of the best splitters in baseball. What did you think of your first time? Really getting close to show? Hey. Yeah, it was. I mean, it's something we haven't seen since. Like your Babe Ruth, right? It's crazy. I was I was talking to Joe Maddon on the field before. Tuesday's game and it's funny. I covered the Angels last year cover. The Angels was 2000 and one and he was the bench coach and I said I said, Look at us Last time I talked to you on this field you were wearing Perry Winkle. Yeah, Angels colours, Uh, when they had the sort of winged color Disney color scheme before they went already won the World Series and And And since then you've managed the Cubs two World Series, and now you get to manage the modern day. Babe Ruth, and he said, Yeah, and I've got my trout coming back in two weeks to so, um, it was a show. You know, it's you did. To see him hit a homer because he's facing probably that the guy who's got the next best splitter in baseball, Kevin Gausman, who used it twice the strikeout, Tony out, Um and you saw the power. I thought. What was fascinating was Alex Dickerson He got he's the only guy ever to get three hits in the game off of Otani. In fact, the the only guys got more hits Total awful. Tony is a George Springer with four and Dickerson got three hits on three different pitches, He hit the splitter. Tony tried the curveball next time, which you hardly ever throws. You know he's searching, trying to find something to get this guy out. And Dickerson wax that one up the middle first single woman. I think he hit a cutter the next time, so that could be a really good sign that Alex Dickerson is starting to heat up. But overall, Yeah, it was. It was Pitching performance was almost became an afterthought with everything that happened after that, and you're right, Greg. It was a huge risk for them to let him hit because they only had two people on their bench with Justin Upton. Getting hurt the previous day, and and it ended up biting them. They had to use Dylan Bundy as a pinch hitter. Um and then obviously Griffin can in the picture ended up playing left field because Kurt Suzuki took the trouble off the masking You hope he's okay, but, yeah, wild game. I mean, we saw the Minister of fireworks cannons, uh, in the scoreboards, Angels win. That's so fast, my friend. Yeah, man that was crazy at extra bags in the athletic Andrew Baggaley. Every Friday at this time, another injury out of that one. Do we? Is there any kind of update on Brandon Belt? I don't anticipate we'll get an official update until Gate Catholic gives his session to the media pregame today about 3 30 or four. So, um, but you know the fact that it is right knee. We know it's the need that he had, uh, a fairly significant surgery on more than just a scope. He had a microfracture procedure done. In 2018 and then struggled in 19 and really admitted in 2020 when he started to performing again that he was starting to feel they had his legs under him for the first time, So it's something that he needed a whole year of really to recover from and get back to 100%. So all of those factors make it a big concern and You know, we can speculate, but we'll probably know more in a few hours and and just hold a good a good hope that it's not something to significant. Well. Farran was on this radio station yesterday afternoon. As you know bags and he was. He's saying it's going to be probably an I'll stand and he's hoping it's not, you know, Long one, so there may be something wrong with belt. And the need. That's not, you know, not just wear and tear on your side of the history. So let's just assume that they do put them on the I l I mean, the obvious thing would be to bring Lamont way Junior back, but the A's are going to start a lefty tonight and they're going to start one on Sunday afternoon. Darren Ralph would probably start those to you. Concert weighed in tomorrow. Do you think it would be weighed? Are there other options that they would turn to more of a right handed hitting component here? Would you think it would be Lamont Way Junior coming back and belt does go. I'll Yes, I mean, there are other options are also left handed. I mean, they've got Joe McCarthy is a guy that we only saw a glimpse of at the beginning of last year and struck out of time, and we haven't seen him since. But but he's a guy who had a good spring. And he's having a good season at Sacramento and the firm offices still excited about him and still thinks he's gonna, um contribute at some point. He's not on the 40 man roster, so they have to put them on. And then Justin bores a guy who's got majorly time. And, uh, there's a lot of fun to watch. And he's they still have him in the system, too. So they have, you know, they have another layer of depth, but you know, not right handed depth. At first base and and the right handed a compliment. That was supposed to be a warmer floors, but they need him at third base with Evan Longoria out. So, um, yeah, I mean, they could. They could move some things around. They could bring a tire Astrada back and Slide to bond over to third and then play floors. At first. There are ways that they could get another right handed bed in there, but I would imagine that it will probably come down to rough starting at first base things, lefties and and like you said, wait for, uh, for belt would probably be the my prediction as well. Andrew Baggaley, joining us stuck in a Zen the Giants. The thing is amazing. There 94 57 combined. That's a 6 23 winning percentage of the the best record the Giants and voted for the Astros. They probably have the best, too, because the Astros have won 11. In a row. I look back to 2014 combined. They had a 5 93 winning percentage, but I know interleague started in 97. But I'm going to venture to say that this is probably the best record that these two teams have had and as far as standings 1st and 3rd best record Since I started this thing You know what? I saw a tweet from Alex Pavlovich that just blew my mind. And it just snuck up on me. I didn't realize it right now. Do you know what team has the biggest lead in the division in baseball?.

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