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Florida Spike I'm and Cades Cove in 19 cases continue to skyrocket in Texas correspondent Clayton Nevel says. The fourth of July holiday sparked more record numbers for the Lone Star State. Texas, reporting its highest daily rise of Corona virus cases with over 8200 The total number of reported cases nearing 192,000. State health officials also reported 33 additional deaths related to Kobe, 19 bring the total of more than 2600. This well, one of the state's biggest counties experienced a record high daily case count. Dallas County reporting Just over 1100 cases. More than 200,000 people have now tested positive for Corona virus in Florida, with 43% of the cases and just three counties Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez tells ABC is this week that he's concerned about the jump in covert 19 infection. It's clear that the growth is exponential at this point. You know, we've been breaking record after record after record all the last couple of weeks we instituted off, but we could go a mask in public rule on. We also increase the severity of penalties for For businesses that don't follow the rules. There are more than 2.8 million confirmed Corona virus cases in the U. S. And the death toll is approaching 130,001 of two women hit by a car while they're protesting police brutality in Seattle this weekend, has died. Washington State police identified the victim as 24 year old Summer Taylor of Seattle. She and another woman were struck Saturday by a car driven by a 27 year old Seattle man who police say drove around several vehicles that were blocking the clothes roadway and sped into the crowd. The driver fled the scene but was later arrested. The other victim is in serious condition. I'm Carrie's shoemaker man, Cates. Get it. Right..

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