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Miss it if they can walk not play football. I couldn't walk just burnt. Everything up metabolism fast now. That metabolism kind of went three sixty. Turn it the back around is hard to turn a ship. It takes time right right. You gotta a big freightliner right where we take you. Minutes from that around but It's all about. This is my own theory on it. Sure the reason why kids he so fast because of blood flow though he get depending on your habits showed the more constricted. Your arteries skit. They're interesting the blood to the places that need it. You're not getting the nutrients to the places that need so when you get injured it takes so long to heal. Because you're getting little a little bit of what you used to get a lot of exactly. So what foods constrict right. which which which. Foods wasn't the bhagwat processed foods right. You're eating leafy. Greens and fruits and vegetables is going to open it. back up. sure is in. These are the studies that you're talking about. The doesn't take that long. No you can reverse the reverse diabetes and everything. Yeah there's a documentary. I are nice. Call gain changes. Yes i've seen it lights on. Date based st louis hamilton. The effluent driver. He's he's one of the producers. Are he funded. That really follow him. Yeah i know it was actually in the video. Yes so when you're arteries open backup. They can feed the muscles to the bones. They have the injuries zero heal faster. And that's one thing i really noticed was when you get a little aches and pains. They go away fast. Because it's at that. Sally as you're getting everything you need to heal that joint or that muscle strain or whatever. It is fantastic. But i do want to ask this question when you're standing up and johanknecht on stage and you competing. What is that like. would it first time. I was super nervous. I was like. I don't know i only have five weeks to prepare a hose and do other stuff and i was like. That's a lot of work..

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