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This is Matt Bigler in Oakland to give the lake a break that's the message from the city to those who are not social distancing at lake Merritt it beats the purpose of why we're doing Showtime plays in the first eleven fifteen here's your sports line tonight with Kevin the NFL is considering improving draft positions for teams that hire minority head coaches and general managers under the plan a team would improve its third round pick by ten spots for hiring a minority candidate as general manager in six spots for hiring a minority candidate as head coach retaining minority coaches and GM's will be rewarded as well according to NFL dot com a team would move up five spots in the fourth round if its coach or GM was entering their third year on the job teams would also receive draft compensation for losing minority candidates to other teams this proposal was submitted by the league's diversity committee and is expected to be addressed during a virtual meeting next Tuesday would need twenty four thirty two votes in favor to pass Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is said to be part of the virtual graduation ceremonies for Texas tech his alma mater the quarterback for the chiefs will address to graduates in a live stream the ceremony on may twenty third the homes was a record setting passer for the red raiders before the chiefs drafted him tenth overall in twenty seventeen what a pack at the sports desk Kevin Redditch KCB for all our sakes we need to avoid crowds as much as possible but what if you.

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