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You know what's in it okay you don't get to talk to you guys a museum at work a milan weather today but i am a longtime met fanjo round your age i have one question for both you guys 'cause i know you're smart how in god's name could them that's fine on soil rogue 'let's blow sign him get norster all they did was not designate him for or non tender him as the proper turner that's the only reason these back is no guarantee going to be on the team i'm not overly concerned by way of our so smarter would be room for the jets metson such true so i'm not that smart they'll give us too much credit police father manhattan but our you what's up uh i'm the press because i just wish should see you you know go down the yankee rotation and the cost tile met rotation it's a joke you've got a guy you'll have the decency than a guy who destroyed himself on the mound and five months and you've got three tools that have never made it to the end of a season and the yankees three guys in the myers weighing in chomping at the bit to get agreed and he's never made it to the end of a season i mean you've got that's true hobby you know three years ago was a decent pitcher and then you know almost inexplicable is current until uh i don't even know what the co eighty word is bad but you know what zach wheeler finish the season to twenty four thirty two stairs so we forget that i don't think you're describing it very well i think both rotations have their questions bought he brought up a very good point about something the yankees have horses on the way up there right now the mets have won horse that may help them this year from their farm system owes walt i don't mean roy right and that's pretty much it for you to good here's how it would be great for the foreseeable future and the yankees could potentially see a bunch of young on the ground was better the.

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