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Cristiano Renaldo, Canada, Portugal discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House


With more on this. I'm joined by Monaco's Rebelo Portugal Daniel Beach Canada and Kiara Romila Italy. First of all me Australia. I'M GONNA come out and said I'm GONNA go Big national flag and our national anthem. Both just not very good And obviously in criticizing the flag visit implied disc of Britain's flag which takes up a quarter of als. Which is one of the reasons I I duNno. I just don't think it's very inspiring now. National Anthem is objectively a judge and should be replaced immediately with. It's a long way to the top if you WanNa rock and roll by. Cdc that's a good one. They still play that. A lot of Sporting events in Canada too much a pickup off such things too much. Ac DC. We celebrated the anniversary of our flag and we used to have one with the Union. Jack on it. We got rid of that. I like the Canadian flag. I will admit our national anthem is rubbish. Well the US. I hate to say this but the American national anthem is a belt. We did an episode of the Foreign Desk. Wants to decide the greatest national anthem. I think it came third behind France and Russia. Okay it's way up bill but you have to say Daniel which may be uncharacteristic for a Canadian. What is the thing that Canada promotes to the World Virtue? But which is actually garbage. I think I was thinking very hard about this. Perhaps too hard. This is a couple of things everyone thinks that. Oh you're from Canada. You're very hardy. You can handle the cold in the Wilderness and the outdoors. I think the reality is we. A lot of people in Urban Canada have quite a detachment from the outdoors. And and IT'S I. It's so weird. Seeing all the indigenous symbolically. We use as well to to show that. We're like this. Great country connected to our indigenous. People like even. The prime minister. Love this to Australia. Yeah the Prime Minister. Has Haida inspired Tattoo on his arm from a high degree of very remote indigenous island off British Columbia. But I just I don't find that to be so true and really I hate the cold. Now that's why Britain on it's even it's even worse sometimes when it's great but I think the thing everyone thinks about wh when they when they think about Canada and perhaps not when they meet me. But that's That everyone is polite and I've never understood this because there are nice people everywhere in the world there can be in all around the world but I don't understand why people say Canadians are played. I think there were just the same as everyone else. There are nice people and there are very mean people so I think that's a porsche. It and of course of course very mean about as dominant as an insult from Canadian. Colada you are Portuguese. What is a thing that Portugal sells itself to the world with the actually Portuguese? Just on the quiet kind of wish. Portugal wouldn't well not as much as thing. But as a person and one man one man and credit or credit is due A good professional and great In his Field Man Cristiano Renaldo has to be has to be the one and look. I even pains me to say because not only am I. Am I Portuguese from Madeira License? The same island where he's from and the same city in that island so it just keeps the you know. The Circle keeps closing and closing but we love using him to promote brand Portugal and murders tourism to promote brand Madeira and visit Madeira Island But the truth is yeah. He's just not that great. He's a great professional. But I don't know in terms of branding. And if he's the best to represent. Our country is bussed in Infantile airport is something to behold. Isn't it it was so Magnificent that it has been replaced so we should have made statues of that statue. There is something to be said about know whenever I go back home to visit family to land in Cristiano Ronaldo airports well I must say the International Cristiano Renaldo Airport sorry and then you drive into the main city from Shell and you drive through the Cristiano Renaldo Square where the Cristiano Renaldo hotel is that has a Cristiano Renaldo Museum Underneath. And he just think maybe we've had enough in fairness Shore somebody as famous for his self effacing. Modesty as Cristiano. Renaldo is is is embarrassed by this you one hundred percent. I'm sure he completely does likes it. And I'm I'm happy. He's not playing in a Portuguese club for now at least in Italy can share a bed of the burden would us for now and Yeah I just I know that he always is a great professional and he is at the peak of his career but ran. Portugal should be completely separated from this man on the subject of Italy. Kiara your homeland is one with an enormous soft soft. An enormous soft power footprint was what I was getting at around the world but is a any what Italy projects abroad. That you as an Italian think he's possibly overselling it somewhat. I've honestly given this a lot of thought over a number of day is my recollection that you started this argument on Tuesday. Yes and since then. I don't think I've been able to conjure up anything honestly on. I can say this without any doubt. Or any ounce of you know. I'm trying I'm trying to think I'm trying to pay but I can't honestly think of anything just because when you think about it most things that we say are good are genuinely good Italian food. Great Italian art pretty good. Too Italian weather tends to be on the good side Italian music Italian singing Italian talented music. Since about the seventeenth century. You could raise certain issues. We've always have a fan Fernando so exactly I mean it. It really depends target audiences. And when you when you're looking at ourselves for example anything any of US would have any issue with it. Maybe maybe we just proud people. What can I say? Well we have therefore learned that Italy is in every way utterly irreproachable of Michael's Counter Culture Abella and Daniel. Thank you for joining us. Studies all.

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